Essential Premise In Finding One’s True Spirit

The essential premise in finding one’s true spirit is understanding that all are equal within the spiritual universe.  We are all part of the One.  We each have equal, individual spirits within the One.  

To find our true and unique spirits, we must dismantle and transcend the superficial labels human beings often identify with – and live out in their lives – to their diminishment as conscious, loving beings.

                                             Labels that separate. 

Can you feel the pulse of life running through Bob Marley’s song, “One Love”?

Listen for its consistent, pulsating beat.  It is a heart beat.

The beat of the rhythm of life.  It is organic.  It does not need labels.

(NOTE: This entry is dedicated to Paulo977, a blogging friend whom I have never met, who introduced me to Bob Marley’s song, “One Love,” on an Atlanta Journal-Constitution political blog.)

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