Open Letter to Readers Regarding “I Am What I Am.”

   We must remember that any given label is not all that we are. We contain “multitudes,” as the poet, Walt Whitman, had written. The title of my last post, “I Am What I Am,” brings to mind the Old Testament’s description of God, or Yahwey, when He said of Himself, “I am that I am.” All that God is defies verbal descriptions. Likewise, all that we contain defies verbal categories.
   Through my blog, I hope to foster in others the seeking and finding of their core spirits. This core is beyond the multitude of labels we place upon ourselves – and upon others. Most people go through their lives never having sought nor having found their spiritual essence. Some may even die unfulfilled, as a result. I hope that my blog will give others the courage, as well as the insight, to seek and to find their core spirits.
   In the meantime, I have tried, through my entry entitled, “I Am What I Am,” to dispel some heavy-handed fundamentalist Christian views of homosexuality. For example, in that post, I described two opposing views within Christian thought. I hope that readers will consider what those opposing positions might mean in understanding our fellow human beings who have been born with a different sexual orientation than the majority of people.  As I stated my that post, “liberal Christians do not condemn homosexuality.”
   Although I am a heterosexual female; nevertheless, my journey in life has been somewhat difficult – though blessed – in part because of my sexual development. Perhaps, this is one reason I have empathy for those of homosexual orientation. I will be disclosing some of my painful journey, from brokenness to wholeness, on my blog for the enlightenment of readers. I hope that readers will continue to follow my thoughts, and will read of my life’s experiences, of which I am committed to write only with truth and depth.
   Readers will gradually understand, I believe, that scars come to many of us when we are programmed to see ourselves and others through rigid labels, and not through the inner spirit within each of us. This unique spirit is with us on the day that we are born, and it remains with us until the day that we die – and, hopefully, beyond.
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