Mary Elizabeth Reveals – Part One

I was 13. My periods had extended for weeks on end. The bleeding had to be stopped. My parents and my pediatrician didn’t want me to have surgery. So, I was sent to a world renowned specialist in hormonal difficulties in Augusta to take pills to make the bleeding stop.

The world renowned endocrinologist wanted his young male interns to learn from my “case.” So on that day, in that medical office, I was made to lie on the long table, totally naked, as the world renowned specialist had the six interns peer down at my 13 year old naked body that was just starting to develop. The specialist described my condition well to the interns in medical terms, but all I remember was his saying that I was the perfect example of the “abnormal female.” I do not know if he actually used those words, but those were the words that I perceived him to say. No man had ever seen me naked until that day, except when I had been a young child. It was horrific. 

But I remember to this day, the eyes of one young intern who had looked into my eyes with such compassion. I knew that he had seen beyond my “abnormal” body into my soul and I knew that he knew what I was feeling, without any words between us. Our souls had met that day. The young intern had found my inner spirit and I had found his. And that is what gave that day grace and got me through it. 

I saw the endocrinologist several times a year until I was 20 and, then, I married my first husband and went to live in the East Village of New York City. 

My first husband, and forever friend, was also able to see beyond my body – a body in which my breasts did not develop after the age of 13 when I started taking those pills – into my soul. With him, I had found a kindred spirit on this planet. I was not so alone anymore.                             

                                                               – To Be Continued –

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