A New Year: A Budding World Consciousness

Mama Cass Elliot sang “there’s a new world coming” back in 1970. With the new year of 2011 quickly approaching, I try to look into the future and predict. What will 2011 have in store for me? Then, trying to raise consciousness a little, I also ask, “What will the future hold for our nation and world, not only for 2011, but for the 21st century?” The song above suggests that a new age is rapidly rising – one which fosters a more egalitarian spirit as people relate to one another as inherently equal beings. The old realities of hierarchial thinking are giving way to realities based on truths not mandated from outside of oneself, but which spring from within oneself. We are beginning to relate to others laterally, instead of vertically – as brothers and sisters, instead of as masters and servants. Long held hierarchial communication within religious, social, and political institutions is giving way to a more egalitarian form of communication. Within my lifetime, dramatic changes have already occurred which reflect this paradigm shift of consciousness. The races see themselves, finally, as inherently equal. The public acknowledgement of homosexual orientation is quickly becoming acceptable, and one no longer has to deny outwardly who one innately is as a sexual being. In the threat of worldwide nuclear disaster, world leaders are realizing that they must work together to achieve common goals rather than to continue a long held pattern of domination and submission. Even this blog, through access to the worldwide web, represents an egalitarian change within the communications arena, in which one voice – my voice – has the possibility of sharing individual truths as widespread as only the mainstreet media had in the past.

The voluntary relinquishing of power is the primary ingredient needed to move from a vertical to a lateral manner of relating to others. The first president of the United States, George Washington, modeled great wisdom for his nation’s progeny, when – after having guided the American military forces to victory over Great Britain – he chose to relinquish his power and to return to life as a private citizen at Mt. Vernon. Most generals, such as Napoleon, would have seized more political power with newfound military power, but Washington in his wisdom knew that, if the future held a place for him within the public arena, he wanted to be viewed as the servant of the people as their elected president, and not as their powerful ruler/king. That simple gesture by George Washington was a gigantic step in changing the order of reality in the world. Today, the world is moving even more rapidly toward that egalitarian spirit, which fosters the dismantling of previously preprogrammed roles, or labels assigned from the outside, and seeks to look inside for greater authenticity. In my second post I had said, “the essential premise in finding one’s true spirit is understanding that all are equal within the spiritual universe. We are all part of the One. We each have equal, individual spirits within the One.”

During Iran’s 2009 presidential election protests, in which the beautiful young woman Neda was killed on the streets of Tehran, people were willing to die so that they would not to be ruled from without by power which, they felt, gave them no voice. They were seeking a more egalitarian world. As Mama Cass Elliot sang in 1970, “a new world is coming, the one we’ve had visions of – coming in peace, coming in joy, coming in love.” All the signs point to it. The old world is quickly coming to an end. Do we, individually and collectively, in this next year and beyond, have the grace of spirit – as well as the courage – to relinquish power for service? Are we wise enough to know that America’s first president, George Washington, by his example of deliberately relinquishing power, was modeling for posterity the role he desired for America’s leaders to emulate in the future? Will America acknowledge that all in the world are inherently equal? Will America and Americans lead others in seizing this budding egalitarian world consciousness through the choices we make? If America can lead others into the coming new age, in this new direction, then she, like her first president, will become a great leader through her grace of spirit and wisdom, rather than simply through her power.

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