Changing World, Changing Consciousness

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.” Albert Schweitzer
 Albert Schweitzer quote

Isabella Rossellini’s conversation with me, which I described in my 5th post,   demonstrated the spirit within individuals who hold egalitarian consciousness. Ms. Rossellini related to me as her equal, even though in the eyes of the world, her status and fame are above mine. This showed not only a grace of spirit on her part, but also a wisdom in which she knew, full well, that she is only one among billions on the planet and that everyone has a story from which all can learn.

Relating in a vertical way to others means assigning power to some over others. Power is present in most human interactions. However, the more highly evolved a person becomes spiritually, the more he or she recognizes the hollowness of relating to others through a power hierarchy instead of through an equal humanity. Watch how others relate, not so much to those who are above them in status in the eyes of the world, but how they relate to those who are below them, as Ms. Rossellini related to me. When you encounter a street person, who is without shelter or food, do you first look into his eyes with humanity and try to reach his unique soul, or do you instead label him a “loser” and pass him by? If you do the former, then you are moving into the future, and not remaining in the hierarchial past, as the world continues to evolve toward a higher consciousness of understanding the essential humanity and equality of all who are alive.

In my life’s experiences, I have learned, especially now that I am older, that all life is to be valued. If we care to take the time to look, we can also relate to the souls within animals. The humanitarian physician/theologian Albert Schweitzer had achieved this higher level of consciousness that he expressed in his “Reverence for Life” philosophy, for which he received the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize. In the late spring of 2010, I went to the Atlanta Aquarium the first time. I enjoyed the entire experience with my daughter and her sister-in-law, but only one experience I had there has forever impacted my memory.

The large Grouper had gotten my attention. He went directly to the glass and looked at me straight on. I observed him straight on, also. Then, I felt compelled by that awareness to place my right hand on the glass separating us and move it in a circular motion to show the Grouper that I wanted to reach out to him. He seemed as mesmerized by me as I was by him. All of the other fish continued to move past me, following their typical patterns, but not that particular Grouper. He stayed in that one spot, with me, observing me, as I tried to connect with him for at least 15 minutes. He must have made some signal to others of his species, because three more large Groupers, just like him, came to that same spot at the end of the window, and joined him in peering at me. It was quite an  experience. Those observing were amazed at the connection the Groupers and I seemed to have. The fact that the Groupers did not move on, as the other fish in the tank had done, was extraordinary. I was not amazed, however, for I knew the source of that unusual connection. On some level, those Groupers knew that I was trying to break the barriers of species separation and reach into their inner spirits. We connected. I am not recommending that others seek to place themselves in dangerous situations with undomesticated animals. That would be foolish. I am simply sharing an experience that occurred because I attempted to break through typical consciousness into an expanded consciousness with an animal.

You might consider that  the “soul connection” I had with those Groupers is similar to a dog’s hearing the higher frequency soundwaves that humans cannot hear. I believe I had connected on some mysterious higher level with the Groupers. Everyone is capable of connecting with animals as I had done with those Groupers, but most people do not care to alter their sensibilities to “hear” or to “see” animals’ spirits – beyond their bodies – with more depth.

If we learn to love and value all life on Earth, from the most low to the highest forms, then we will have had an enormous paradigm shift of concsiousness on the planet. We would have played “mind games” to raise the consciousness of the world for the better.

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2 Responses to Changing World, Changing Consciousness

  1. dbm1 from Jay Bookman's blog says:

    I thought of two things when I read this, for whatever they’re worth.

    Most people have some sort of connection with their pets.

    One time there was a raccoon on our deck. One of our cats went up to the glass door, and the raccoon came over to the glass door, and they stood looking at each other for a little while. They were almost nose to nose except for the intervening door. (It would have been too dangerous without that door.) I guess they were establishing a connection of some kind.

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