Celebration: Take a bow, Ray Charles

This post is mainly a celebration of life through the musical gifts of Ray Charles. Sit back and enjoy the music, as I connect a few thoughts through the musical selections.

One of my more popular posts was entitled, “Being Centered.” As a continuation of that theme, I originally had posted, as the first Ray Charles song, “Let It Be,” which was first recorded by the Beatles. That recording by Ray Charles is no longer available so, recently, I have substituted another video which gives the lyrics of “Let It Be.” A line from that song is: “And when the night is cloudy, there’s still a light that shines on me.” The song implies that when you find yourself sad or blue, don’t deny your feelings – nor try to mask them – but simply let them be, knowing that an ever present, greater life force ensures a better tomorrow. The sadness will run its course, naturally, and you will return to a happier state, with ease, by acknowledging instead of denying your real feelings. If your sadness should become chronic, seek counseling, but otherwise simply “Let It Be.” Celebrate that you are alive enough and human enough, inside, to feel all emotions, including sadness. There is hope in the song’s lyrics which proclaim that “there will be an answer.” I have posted one answer to life’s difficulties in the second song, which is joyfully upbeat. For the moment, though, simply ease into the song “Let It Be.”

Next, is the gospel song, “What Kind of Man Is This.” Trust that the Creator of the Universe knows your needs, even as he knows the needs of the sparrows. God’s soul was embodied in Jesus 2000 years ago. Celebrate! And, keep moving to the music of life – that unending rhythm of the universe. Even with setbacks, keep moving in the direction of the light – with faith, hope, and love – and with a song in your heart!

(Notice in the next video that, although the body of Charles has much aged, his eternal spirit remains as strong as it was in his youth.)

I will close with Ray Charles singing, “America The Beautiful.” When we experience peace and love in our own souls, then peace and love have a greater chance of being expressed not only in our nation, but throughout the world. Trust in the spirit of the Prince of Peace to bring us to that end.

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