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About Education: Essay #6, On Georgia’s Charter School Movement

The words below are from my post on the “Atlanta Forward” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, entitled, “Debating charter school amendment,” February 27, 2012: —————————————————————————————————- “The charter school movement cannot be considered, with truth, in isolation from other ‘school choice’ options as touted … Continue reading

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About Education: Essay # 5, “Assessing Teachers and Students”

My writings, below, are all related to assessing teachers’ instruction and students’ achievement. They were written initially on February 25, 2012, on a local journalist’s blog in response to the journalist’s article in which she highlighted a teacher assessment instrument. ================================================ Words from another writer on the same journalist’s … Continue reading

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Competition vs. Cooperation

UPDATE:  I wrote the following words on the “Get Schooled” blog thread of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, entitled, “Should schools follow competition or cooperative models? Can they be both,” May 30, 2015, in response to the University of Georgia Professor Peter … Continue reading

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About Education: Essay #4, SQ3R Expanded for Reluctant Readers

As I had written in my post of February 6, 2012, SQ3R is a read-study method of reading textbooks which not only will enhance the reading skills of students, but also will improve their short-term and long-term memory of the … Continue reading

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Cyndie’s Story

Cyndie was a junior in my Advanced Reading class in 1996. In many ways she appeared to be a typical adolescent with above-average verbal ability who possessed a well-balanced, affable personality. She was a mature young lady, in spite of … Continue reading

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About Education: Essay #3, “SQ3R” (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)

SQ3R (Survery, Question, Read, Recite, Review) When the student practices SQ3R when reading his textbooks, he must become what is referred to in reading circles as being an “active reader,” as opposed to being a passive reader. This essay will, first, give parents some general … Continue reading

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About Education: Essay #2, “Cloze Test,” for textbook assessment

In blogging on a local journalist’s blog last week, a parent indicated that many children are behind grade level in her child’s middle school.  Because I was trained as a reading specialist, I offered to share my knowledge, via this blog, toward helping that particular mother, … Continue reading

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