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Eulogies For Our Husband And Father

My husband, and father to our daughter, died five years ago. Our daughter was twenty-five years old. I was in my mid-sixties. After he had died, my daughter asked me what I believed her father’s primary reason for being on … Continue reading

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The Growing Egalitarianism. . .

During the month of April, 2012, I posted the following posts, regarding the growing egalitarianism in the world, on local journalists’ blogs. I am publishing those posts, this evening, on “Mary Elizabeth Sings,” in order that readers of my blog might consider the ideas … Continue reading

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About Education: Essay #7, Word Attack Skills

The following information, regarding how to teach word attack skills, is presented as a  rudimentary overview and is given in outline form. I hope that this post will aid curriculum area teachers, as well as parents, in teaching their students or children how to “break words into their smaller components” … Continue reading

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Robert’s Story: “Love Never Fails”

During my thirty-five year teaching career, I had worked with thousands of students for whom I cared, but the student who impacted me more than any other was Robert. Although I had never taught Robert in my college preparatory reading class, I had observed him in his personalized … Continue reading

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