The Homosexual Marriage Question

On May 11, 2012, I posted the following remarks on a local journalist’s blog regarding the question of whether or not homosexuals have the right to marry. Readers of “Mary Elizabeth Sings” may wish to know my perspective on this issue. See below:

“In 1996, President Obama said that he favored same-sex marriage on a questionnaire. In 2004, he said that he was in favor of Civil Unions. Now he has publicly stated that he favors same-sex marriage. It is easy for me to reconcile these seeming differences, without thinking that President Obama has changed his opinions over time in a ‘flip-flop.’ Earlier, I had written on this blog, in another thread, that I believe Obama’s vision is – and has been – more expansive than Gov. Romney’s vision, which I think is more limited in perspective than President Obama’s.

I believe that President Obama has probably believed in same-sex marriage, as an equal right for all, even before 1996. I have stated that I believe that the world’s collective consciousness has been moving in a more egalitarian direction for many centuries. I believe that President Obama not only sees this himself, but I believe he believes that the world will be better for having moved in that direction. If one believes in the concept of egalitarianism, then one would support same-sex marriage for those born with that sexual orientation.

Then, why in 2004 did Obama say that he believed in Civil Unions? I think that he is aware that the world evolves, just as Thomas Jefferson was aware that the world evolves, continuously. Jefferson was not a strong proponent for immediately freeing the slaves (that is, after his rejection of slavery was removed from his first draft of the Declaration of Independence by some Southern delegates to that Convention) because he felt that the slaves, and that the society-at-large in his day, were not prepared for a quick change from slave to free either pragmatically or psychologically, but Jefferson wrote of the right of slaves to be free and that, in time – perhaps in 50 years, he said, from the time in which he spoke those words in the early 1800s – society and the slaves,  in their total mass numbers, would be prepared for that greater good of freedom for all. (Interesting how the slaves were freed about the time Jefferson surmised, although through war, and not through peaceful evolution.) Those were Jefferson’s perceptions. Likewise, I believe that President Obama has believed in same sex marriage for some time, but I also believe that he could not speak out publicly as a proponent for same sex marriage too far ahead of the evolution of society to see with his eyes that same sex marriage is inherently right, in terms of equality for all. To have spoken of those evolved perceptions too soon would have been political suicide for him because his vision would have been too far in advance of the vision of the American people regarding marriage. Can we really call that a cynical decision on his part – to be more measured in 2004 regarding his publicly stated views on marriage – or was he simply being politically astute and even politically wise? I think the answer is the latter. However, the point is that, now, society has evolved to the place whereby a President of the United States can speak out for same-sex marriage without risking his entire political future, and President Obama did speak out, even with some risk still remaining.

I have no idea if President Obama shares my views on same-sex marriage, but I will post my views, below, which I first posted on another journalist’s blog on May 10, 2012: ========================================================

“ ‘It’s a sad day in America. Like it or not, the country was founded on Christian values. Gay’s [sic] and lot’s [sic] of people don’t see this as a problem because they have God no where in their life. . .’


The comment, above, is reflective of so many others that I read on this (journalist’s) blog last evening. And it reflects the general lack of consciousness that was, also, prevalent when segregation of the races was debated when I was a teenager in Georgia. So much fear of changing perceptions. So much small-mindedness. So much use of the Bible and God to divide people. People, today, cannot imagine how much the Bible and God were used to defend a separation of the races in the 1950s. I did not think, then, that God cared about skin color, any more than I think God cares about sexual orientation today. Only the small-minded divide by such silliness in their thinking. And, that is exactly what caring about sexual plumbing is. We are our insides and our spirits, not such shallowness as whether we possess a vagina or a penis.

Although the world is developing a more egalitarian consciousness, many individuals have a long way to go in reaching a higher consciousness. Besides that, Americans remain Puritanical about sex, and that is part of the reason for our deep-seated fears and hostilities toward differences in others. I write this as a heterosexual woman who was faithful to both of my husbands. As I had written to another poster on my own blog, I do not think of ‘who I am’ in terms of any label – woman, Southerner, Liberal, Caucasian, Christian, American. There is a core spirit in me – as well as in you – that is God-given, and that core spirit is beyond any rigid label, which we – with limited spiritual insight – feel we must assign to ourselves and to others in order to perceive in generalities. Can we not, at least, attempt to grow in consciousness and see ourselves, and others, with a uniqueness that springs from our individual minds and spirits, within?”

Here are additional perceptions of mine regarding this issue: People are born with a sexual orientation, just as they are born with a skin color. Neither fact is a choice. Neither fact embraces the inner spirit of the person. Moreover, one’s sexuality should not be seen in a limited dichotomy of male/female. Rather, individual sexuality should be seen as taken from a full spectrum of degrees of variance within maleness and femaleness, which are genetically determined. For example, some men are very macho (yet might have homosexual leanings) and some men might appear to be more effeminate (yet might have heterosexual leanings) and vice versa. The same variations are true for women.  I believe that those variances are determined by DNA and that they are not made by the choice of human beings, any more than one’s skin color is made by human choice. There are many variances in skin color (and in racial permutations) and those variances are determined by our DNA (or, at least, by hormonal function early in utero, which in itself might be DNA inspired). To be biased, or fearful, toward another person either because of his/ her skin color, or his/her sexuality, or his/her sexual orientation is to have a limited consciousness regarding the full range of human permutations, as they exist on Earth. It is the core spirit of each soul that matters. It is through our core spirits that we are both able to find commonality with all other human beings, and to reach toward God. We are all one, even with all of our human variations, in that we are all equal children of God. Please see my second post entitled, “Essential Premise in Finding One’s True Spirit.” This understanding is at the core of “Mary Elizabeth Sings.”  See link below:

For my perceptions on how we are Puritanical in sexual matters, as well as how we are obsessed with the work ethic because of our Puritanical roots, please read this in-depth post on my own blog, which I wrote last August:


For anyone who may be interested, here are two posts from my blog in which I describe how the world is evolving toward a more egalitarian consciousness. See links below:

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