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Why There Are Myriad Instructional Levels Within Each Grade Level

Below is part of a response which I had written to another poster’s comments to me, on a local journalist’s blog from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on July 27, 2012. The response explains why there are myriad instructional levels within each grade level. My original post has … Continue reading

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Worldwide Literacy, Technology, and Nonviolence

Below are my thoughts, posted this morning on the “Get Schooled” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, regarding worldwide literacy, technology, and nonviolence as a means of conflict resolution. ====================================================== “I particularly like the fact that technology can be used to educate people throughout the world, through … Continue reading

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On Thomas Jefferson and Historical Evolution

I would like the readers of “Mary Elizabeth Sings” to know my thoughts regarding Thomas Jefferson, as well as my understanding of historical evolution. Below are the comments I made late last evening (slightly edited), July 16, 2012, on the educational blog of … Continue reading

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