Worldwide Literacy, Technology, and Nonviolence

Below are my thoughts, posted this morning on the “Get Schooled” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, regarding worldwide literacy, technology, and nonviolence as a means of conflict resolution.


“I particularly like the fact that technology can be used to educate people throughout the world, through Broadband, who may not have been able to receive a college level education, otherwise.

However, it must be stated that there are millions of people, throughout the world, who are illiterate. Hopefully, technology, through worldwide mass communication, can also be developed to reach these people, and not for profit purposes, but for humanitarian purposes. Education certainly has more power to change the world, for good, than war and conflict, but education’s resulting erudition must be practiced, in this world, through effective interaction with others. Increased knowledge, also, needs effective interpersonal interaction models.

Awareness in how to handle interpersonal conflict, through dialogue and peaceful means, is as important toward building a more literate and humane world, than simply knowledge dispersed throughout the world, especially if that educational dispersion is used to serve the profit purposes of some, which can foster greed. The learning process, regarding how to resolve human conflict through nonviolent means, needs interaction among people so that they can learn humane approaches to conflict. That process cannot be achieved simply from watching a video presentation of ideas. It needs people present, interacting with one another, from which they can learn. Technology can be used for good, but it has its limitations in elevating the world’s consciousness for humane purposes, precisely because it lacks a human interaction dimension.”

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