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My Address To My High School Class Upon Our 20th Reunion, 1980

“It is good to see all of you again and to share our lives once more, however fleetingly, for this moment in time. I’m sure that in the past 20 years our lives have progressed in many different directions.  I’m likewise … Continue reading

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Where have Republicans been, and where are they going from here?

I posted the following comments, today, on a local journalists’ blog from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I have tried to offer an analysis with some depth. I hope readers of “Mary Elizabeth Sings” will learn from my insights and that no one … Continue reading

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What the Re-election of President Barack Obama Means to America and to the World

I have often thought that this election would be pivotal in the direction that our nation, and our world, would move in the 21st century because the choice of President Obama by the American people means that we as a race, a … Continue reading

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What Is Strength?

The following remarks were made by “Mary Elizabeth” on a  journalist’s blog from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on November 2, 2012. The post explores what authentic strength entails. ========================================== “Portraying oneself as ‘principled without engaging in compromise’ has never been real … Continue reading

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