Where have Republicans been, and where are they going from here?

I posted the following comments, today, on a local journalists’ blog from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I have tried to offer an analysis with some depth. I hope readers of “Mary Elizabeth Sings” will learn from my insights and that no one will take my comments personally, especially if you are a Republican. Every person is unique. I have written in terms of historical trends, as I see these trends unfolding. Last evening President Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States of America for a second term.


“Rightwing media did not level with Republicans, in my opinion, because of a deep cynicism. Even though often the rightwing media knew truth themselves, they cynically and consciously decided to spin truth for two reasons, as I see it. They wanted to give today’s far rightwing Republicans what they wanted to hear to keep their base and audience on board and happy, but also because they wanted to pad the pocketbooks of the corporate billionaire ideologues with whom they are aligned politically (and sometimes for whom they work), as well as to pad their own pocketbooks by following their “marching orders,” in doing so. Often feigning a purity of patriotism and love of conservative ideas – mainly to accrue wealth for oneself and one’s family – can create a deeply submerged cynicism in one’s soul, that – masked well – some never see, including the one who is selling the propaganda, not only to others but to him/herself.

Conservatives cannot simply pull in constituencies, such as the Latino vote, by voicing a more inclusive mantra. Instead, they will have to fundamentally change, from within, to believe authentically in a vision in which all humanity is seen in egalitarian terms, rather than in hierarchial terms. Monied people often fail to see others through egalitarian eyes, although they can mask their hierarchial vision of others through appearances, such as by supporting humanitarian works, of some limited selection.

Some have pondered – over the years since the Civil Rights Movement – why African-Americans have voted for present day Democrats en masse, seemingly, as they think, becoming only tools to serve that political party’s interests, without awareness. I believe to see African-Americans in this light – because they have voted in large voting blocs for Democrats – is wrong-headed thinking. Those who think that African-Americans have been used by Democrats, instead of making up their own minds, with insight, demonstrate a basic disrespect for the intelligence and awareness of African-Americans. I believe that African-Americans, like women, have a special emotional radar – having been suppressed for generations – as to who authentically sees them, and their capabilities and sensibilities, with egalitarian eyes and who does not – over and beyond verbal arguments put forth to gain their support. I believe that most African-Americans, like most women, have grativated toward the present day Democratic Party because of how Democrats perceive them.

For example, when Gov. Romney changed his political approach toward a more moderate one, from a hardline conservative approach in the presidential election, he gathered more support overall, but he never really gained the full support of women, nor the full support of African-Americans, because these two groups have developed this special emotional radar, if you will, which could see beneath Romney’s tactical change by his words, alone. These two groups knew how deeply the 47% remark – made by Gov. Romney in private – resonated in his heart and soul, beyond what he had said publicly to defend that remark. They could see that he lacked the authentic internal vision to see them as equals, without any condescension in his heart. They could see that he lacked the vision, in other words, of the true egalitarian who sees all human beings as spiritual equals (regardless of the different cards that each human being is given to play in his, or her, life), and regardless of how kind a man he might be with his own loved ones. In other words, they saw that Mitt Romney appears to lack a deeply human vision of, and empathetic understanding for, all of humanity that Barack Obama appears to have in his spirit for all others.  And, they understood that difference between the two candidates, beyond words.

This egalitarian understanding takes a subtle awareness and a subtle shift of consciousness that Republicans will have to come to feel in their hearts, as well as in their minds, if they are to gather larger numbers these minorities into their ranks in the future. That kind of awareness takes longer to understand than a ‘sensitivity training’ session, or two. It requires a fundamental change in how one sees the world, as well as its inhabitants.


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