“Each One Teach One”

I posted the following on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s educational blog, “Get Schooled” on February 10th, 2013:

“Thank you for publicizing the work of Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta on this blog. When I first moved to Atlanta in the early 1970s, I became informed about a group called Literacy Action, Inc. here. A missionary/reading author by the name of Frank Laubach, whose work had influenced Literacy Action, Inc., had developed a special method of teaching reading to people throughout the world and his book describing that method has helped to build world literacy. Laubach’s goals were to build worldwide literacy, as well as to curtail poverty, to fight injustice, and to foster world peace in the process. His idea and motto was ‘Each One Teach One.’ From Wikipedia: ‘In 2002, this group (of Laubach’s) merged with Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. to form ProLiteracy Worldwide.’ The telephone number for Literacy Action, Inc. in Atlanta is (404) 818-7323, Press 4.

We, here in Atlanta, do not need to go throughout the world in order to build world literacy. We can help to build literacy right here in Atlanta. Teaching reading through one-on-one instruction is very effective. I had, once, suggested to the pastor of a large North Atlanta area church that he consider developing a literacy program whereby the members of his church might team with members of a large South Atlanta area church in order to have church members volunteer to help those children in South Atlanta who may be disadvantaged, and who may need to build their reading skills to lift themselves and their families from poverty. Engaging in that kind of giving of oneself would help both the children of South Atlanta, as well as the parishioners from the North Atlanta suburb church, who would give of their time to help others improve their reading skills.

I, also, continue to hope that public schools will develop vibrant adult volunteer programs to help students who are behind in their reading skills improve their literacy through having more individualized instruction offered to them from trained adult volunteers who care about them and who will foster their academic growth through one-on-one instruction. ‘Each One Teach One’ made manifest in the public schools, in other words.

See the link below to learn more about Dr. Frank Laubach’s worldwide literacy impact. The phrase, ‘Each One Teach One’ is an African-American Proverb. It originated during slavery when slaves were forbidden to learn to read. When a slave did learn to read, he or she was, then, supposed to teach another slave; thus, the proverb, ‘Each One Teach One.’ “




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