Educational Reform According to Mary Elizabeth

On March 23, 2013 I posted the following comments on the “Get Schooled” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constituion, in response to another poster’s remarks:


Poster: “ ‘Somebody once said something like: ‘Beauty and simplicity lie on the other side of complexity.’

I’d say Mary Elizabeth is with knowledge on the other side, and from there she keeps beckoning us to come on over, already.

Well, will we? Can we? Dare we do it if we could?’


Ed, thank you so much for your knowing words. The simplicity of my perception is simply that I want no child to fail in school. I want no child to drop out of school. I think I know a simple way to get there. I know that children will not succeed academically unless they are instructed on their precise instructional levels from their beginnings in school until they receive their high school diplomas, years later. When we care enough not to lose any students along the way, we will find ways to address this vital, simple instructional need and instructional truth. ‘We’ includes classroom teachers, principals, assistant principals, county office supervisors, superintendents of schools, members of the Boards of Education, members of the State Board of Education, governors, legislators, and parents all focused upon implementing this instructional truth so that no child will fail.

If we want meaningful reform in public schools which will address the academic needs of every student, then this is what we will reform. We will alter and improve each public school’s instructional design until that goal of addressing precise instructional placement and of teaching students where they are actually functioning is accomplished in every public school.

Educators serve the masses of students in public schools, not the few. We must reform our delivery of instruction so that we lose not one student within those masses of students. It can be done. We must start to see. We must start to change and alter instructional delivery so that no student is lost. Unless we do this, we have failed the children; they have not failed us.

I have posted a new entry on my personal blog this evening which focuses upon compiling and accruing instructional strategies which will address how to accomplish instructional precision. I have already posted the present strategies at various times on this blog. The link to my new entry is posted below. I will be adding instructional strategies to that link/entry over time, including specifically how my Dual Textbook Design for 9th graders, who were severely behind grade level in reading skills, was implemented. Other teaching strategies that classroom teachers can use to accommodate their students’ many levels of instruction within their classes will be forthcoming in the future on this same link. One of those strategies will be how content teachers can teach reading-in-the-content-area skills at the same time that they are teaching their specific curriculum area requirements, such their curriculum requirements in science and social studies, among others.

Link entitled: ‘Ways to Teach Students Who Are Functioning on Different Instructional Levels in the Same Grade’ ”

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