About Michelle Rhee

Update:  Please read the following article on the tactics of Michelle Rhee and their poor results in the school system of Washington, D.C. by Diane Ravitch which was published on December 1, 2015, and posted on the AJC’s “Get Schooled” blog by another poster on January 16, 2016:



The topic on the “Get Schooled” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on April 12, 2013, was, “Did Michelle Rhee ignore her own cheating scandal? A new memo suggests clear evidence was discounted.” That excellent article, by AJC columnist Maureen Downey, can be found at the following link. I urge readers of “MaryElizabethSings” to read Downey’s article in full. Link follows:



From the article on the “Get Schooled” blog regarding Michelle Rhee:

“He notes that Rhee met one-on-one with each principal and demanded a signed guarantee of exactly how many points their test scores would increase.”


My Response:

“Michelle Rhee’s approach to educating students is not consistent with principles of child development. Her approach, as was the educational approach of former APS Superintendent Beverly Hall, reflects a business model to educating human beings. I am more concerned with Rhee’s use of an intimidating and highly tension-inducing business model in the education of children than I am concerned about what Rhee was aware of, at what point in time, concerning cheating in the DC schools. In my opinion, Michelle Rhee’s educational influence with state legislators, who for the most part are not trained in educational principles, can result in statewide educational policies that will not be productive, and sometimes may even be harmful, to students.

From my 35 years functioning in instructional leadership in Georgia’s schools, grades 1 – 12, I believe that a business model, used in educational arenas, is not only hurtful to students, and to teachers, but that this model is also, ultimately, ineffective because it is not consistent with natural child development, nor is it consistent with mastery learning of individual students, and their individual rates of learning, within a curriculum continuum. An educational model is needed for educating children effectively – and with ongoing success – which will, ironically, in the long-run, also be reflected in improved standardized test scores.

For those readers who may want to read more of my thoughts on this subject, I am posting a link to an entry on my blog, entitled, ‘Use an Educational Model, Not a Business Model, for Public Education.’ I, also, encourage interested readers to read the astute question asked on my blog by a commentator by the name of ‘Ernest,’ as well my response to ‘Ernest’s,’ question – both of which appear at the end of the entry in the link, below:”


Also, please read the following article posted on May 7, 2013 on “Get Schooled,” the AJC educational blog, regarding Michelle Rhee’s comments about Gov. Nathan Deal’s signing of a teacher evaluation bill into law. Please, also, read my comments below that article which run counter to Ms. Rhee’s thinking. See link below:



Please read the following about the prostitution of American Public Education on my blog:


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