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America’s Obsession with Guns

On May 19, 2013, I posted the following comments concerning America’s obsession with guns on the “Atlanta Forward” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I am reposting my remarks here for the readers of “Mary Elizabeth Sings.” See below: ========================================= “The … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of Benghazi

On May 10, 2013, I posted the following comments regarding the tragedy of Benghazi on the blog of a columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “The tragedy that happened in Benghazi is being turned into political expediency by Republican power players, imo. … Continue reading

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For Tom – About Abortion

Uncanny coincidences.  Earlier today I had visited the gravesite of my infant son, and I realized, while I was reflecting over my son’s grave, that I must correct my words about abortion which I had written during the past week on a local journalist’s blog. I knew … Continue reading

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