America’s Obsession with Guns

On May 19, 2013, I posted the following comments concerning America’s obsession with guns on the “Atlanta Forward” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I am reposting my remarks here for the readers of “Mary Elizabeth Sings.” See below:


“The people of our nation are on the wrong track and, sadly, cannot see it.

The people of our nation should be thinking in terms of how to eliminate hatred, prejudice, and fear in our nation and world, and of how to use their lives for the betterment of humankind, instead of how to arm themselves with guns.

The present obsession with gun ownership is fostering an emotional/mental unbalance in our nation. Americans can transcend this unhealthy state of consciousness, but first we must see that what fosters life lies deep within each of us. Love is the way, not fear, to build a more perfect union, a beloved union, that will find peace and security not through guns, but from deep within.”



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