What Has Created the Great Divide Between the Classes in America Today?

What has created the great divide between the classes in America today? I think that I have answered that question, in part, through my post on Jamie Dupree’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog on July 21, 2013. See below for my post:

“The hiring of temporary workers and part time workers is because of greed. Employers do not want to pay any benefits to their employees aside from their straight low wages. Similarly, Republican-dominated states do not want their lowly state workers to have benefts, such as retirement – just straight low wages for their hours worked. Moreover, lowly paid state workers and part time and temporary employees in private enterprise are paid such low wages that they cannot afford to save for their own retirement in their own old age on those low wages. In addition to that, Republicans want to take away your Social Security an Medicare, as it now functions, and make you pay for those safety net old-age programs out of your low retirement funds in your old age, once those programs have been privatized.

All of this is happening because Republicans, in the top echelon of our society, have only been concerned about accruing more and more wealth for themselves, and not about caring for the welfare of the average middle class and poorer Americans. What has been happening negatively to the lower and middle classes in our nation has been a direct result of Republican ideology, not Democratic ideology.

It is time for average middle class and lower class Georgians – who have previously voted Republican in this state – to wake up to what is being done adversely to you through the Republican tactic of creating jealousies and divisions of identification between public sector employees and private sector employees, as well as through creating division among the races, so that these middle and lower class Americans will vote not in conjunction with one another, as they should. They want your vote to be split, which will give the top 1% of our nation more power over your life and the lives of those in your families.

All middle class and lower class Georgians – and Americans who are middle and lower class, for that matter – should vote present day Republicans out of office. Many of you have been bamboozled not to see that Republicans do not care for you or for your interests, nor do they respect you as human beings because you do not have wealth and power.

Vote Democratic every chance you get, and let the Republicans know that you are finally catching on to the people Republicans really care about – the top 1% – and let them know, through your vote, that you will no longer vote in contraposition to the voting of middle and lower class Georgians who vote the Democratic ticket. Decide to vote with the Democrats, not against them, because your interests and needs are the same as theirs. Let the top 1% in our nation take their “working orders” from the majority of Americans, for a change. This is still a nation of, by, and for the people, themselves. Vote Republicans out of office and prove that fact to them.”

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