Differing Ways of Perceiving

The dialogue exchange I had with another poster today, August 29, 2013, on one of the blogs of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution should explain “emotional intelligence,” or EQ instead of IQ.


Other poster: “MARY And you appeared to shut me off earlier today because I suggested BO is your hero? It’s not slander if it is true..please tell me I misunderstood your quick dismissal earlier today”

No, you did not mistake my quick dismissal of extending our conversation, earlier.
I want you to know that I like you, as a person, and I truly empathize with your medical tribulations, but I do not think we connect on how we see what is really true.
Have you heard of EQ as contrasted with IQ?  EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence (self-awareness, empathy, sensitivity to others, etc.).
For instance, I don’t think you have any idea how calling Obama “my hero” is insulting to me. I am not an adolescent girl. You demean me without even knowing it. I can think of President Obama as being seen as a great President, in the future, because of many reasons which I have elaborated on before. MLK was not thought of as a great man by most in his day. Time changed that. I think of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR as great presidents because they were transformational presidents. Obama has done nearly the impossible in becoming the first black president after Jim Crow ended only 40 years ago; he has passed a universal health insurance plan for all Americans to have insurance that had been tried for 50 years without success; he fundamentally has changed how “strength” is viewed, and that is a good thing. Because I see greatness in someone does not mean I have a schoolgirl crush on them. He has won a Nobel Prize so there are others in this world who share my opinion of him. You could have simply used Obama’s name instead of saying “your hero.”
However, we both know that the “my hero” terminology is relatively unimportant, but, more importantly, I think we live in two different intellectual universes, and I just don’t want to take all the time it would take to explain mine to you. I think I am growing more impatient in my older years. 🙂 Time is moving too quickly now, and I value how I spend my every hour more than when I was young.
You want me to disregard politics, for example, and focus on figures. I know, through a global (psychological term) understanding, that politics is controlling what is happening regarding Obamacare’s implementation in Georgia, more than any figures you might present. Figures are often manipulated for political ends. I trust my instincts because I have been right so many times in my life. It is a combination of thinking for oneself, without preconceived ideas of what one “should” think or without placing too much value on what others think, and also in having the courage to look straight on at what is really happening beneath the surface.
Numbers are to be valued and I recognize that fact, but my kind of understanding of truth should be equally valued, and you can never convince a literalist of that truth. Thus, my frustration.
So, nothing personal intended to you.  Just sometimes I don’t have the patience to extend the conversation. 🙂


Another conversation with another poster on September 24, 2013, on the same AJC blog, regarding different types of intelligence and awareness:

Other Poster’s remarks to me: “I’m working on the cure for cancer and I’m sure (with great rhetoric to support) I will have it completed and available in 4-8 years. Where do I apply for Nobel?”


My response to the poster: “You have a point but your point is limited to the perception of one who only values the work of the mathematician or the scientist, and who has not yet recognized the value of the persuasive visionary. The scientist only has to work alone and come up with his/her effective results to share with the world, after the fact. On the other hand, the visionary leader whose words (or, more precisely, whose perceptions) will sway world events, which will affect all of humankind for the better for generations, knows that his/her work will be a work-in-progress, as he/she brings the people along with him/her as he molds the world to his/her vision. President Obama said today before the U.N. that the U.S. has been engaged in the Middle East and and will continue to be for years to come but (paraphrased) engaged from the vantage point of being an egalitarian supporter and not from being an imperialist dictator of our own will. That process of world partnership with an underlying egalitarian consciousness had been begun by President Obama, by connecting with the people, before he even became President through his ‘One America’ speech in a previous Democratic Convention. That process of egalitarian consciousness will continue to unfold long after President Obama has lived his life on this planet, but he has been a major impetus in changing the world’s trajectory toward a far more humanitarian and egalitarian direction than had been envisioned and accomplished in recent history. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech helped to raise the consciousness of people across the globe and that was one of the main reasons for his being awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. King’s ‘dream’ has still not been completed, but the direction of the world was changed not simply by his words, but by the force of his vision. One must see the value of words, of persuasion, of imagination, of changing consciousness to understand that this phenomenon is different from working essentially alone in a lab to cure cancer. Both are worthy of Nobel Prizes. But, as I said earlier, it takes imagination to understand this truth. And, an internalized sense of history.”

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