The Miracle of Democracy that President Obama Has Fostered in the Middle East

Below is my response to Atlanta Journal-Constitution journalist Jay Bookman’s column of September 11, 2013, entitled, “Russian Leader May Be Able to Force Syrian Solution.” The link to Mr. Bookman’s column is given below:

This column does not give President Obama enough credit for the positive, diplomatic results that are now forthcoming. Without having witnessed the downfall of Osama bin Laden, Gaddafi and other dictators during President Obama’s tenure, Prime Minister Putin would have doubted Obama’s resolve in the Syrian crisis. Putin recognizes Obama’s intellect and he knows that President Obama can foresee the future relative to Iran, North Korea, and other nations, especially in the Middle East, if the U.S. fails to act in Syria. I also think Prime Minister Putin understands the intensity of President Obama’s resolve.

Nevertheless, President Obama is a force for peace, even as he has foreseen the need to stop the use of chemical weapons in Syria through missile strikes, a war tactic.

The forces of democracy that President Obama has set in motion by taking the need to strike Syria to the U.S. Congress was a hugely positive, democratic step. His decision to gather the support of the American people through their representatives in Congress, after a final reflection, should be fully acknowledged as a positive role model choice for future Presidents, as he had stated was his desire, and not simply cynically perceived as “his back was against the wall,” which is a one-dimensional perception of the truth.

I will try to elaborate upon my thoughts, as to President Obama’s impacting role in creating a more peaceful, democratic world, through the metaphysical, spiritual, and psychological thoughts, given below.

From the writings of Dr. Rollo May in his book, “Love and Will”:

“Both artist and neurotic speak and live from the subconscious and unconscious depths of their society. Art and neurosis both have a predictive function. Since art is communication springing from unconscious levels, it presents only in those members of the society who, by virtue of their own sensitized consciousness, live on the frontier of their society – live, as it were, with one foot in the future. . . .The neurotic and the artist – since both live out the unconscious of the race – reveal to us what is going to emerge endemically in the society later on.”

And, my words in my blog, “MaryElizabethSings,” regarding Dr. May’s awareness:

“If the birth of Jesus on our planet 2000 years ago was the
manifestation of the Mind of God, present in humankind’s collective consciousness
at that time, and ready to be made manifest at that point in history as an
emerging God, more of love than of judgment, then in today’s world, if
Jesus’ words of love have been germinating in our collective
subconscious for 2000 years, and His loving concepts want to emerge
into reality through us, and if we do not follow those concepts but choose
instead inordinate self-interest, then our world may collapse upon
itself with anxieties, violence, and wars because what is whole and
spiritually healthy in our collective subsconscious will have been blocked by our egos
in finding manifestation on the world’s stage.”

Whether Barack Obama recognizes it or not, he is a President not only of the present, but of the future, when the democratic consciousness of the world will be trying to bloom forth, more fully. This democratic consciousness has been germinating in the collective consciousness of humankind for centuries, as far back as the Magna Carta. President Woodrow Wilson tried to create a community of nations for this democratic purpose, a League of Nations, during the beginning of the last century. All movement toward greater democracy on the world’s stage is a process. The democratic consciousness that President Obama has brought onto the world’s stage should never be given short shrift. What President Obama has put in motion since his presidency began is the miracle that is presently unfolding in the Middle East, when one looks deeper.

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