Below are my words, written on January 25, 2014, on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s blog “Get Schooled,” regarding how to improve public schools:

“If you want to improve public schools, then work for government programs that will help to eliminate poverty and work for government programs that will improve the present income inequality in our society-at-large.

The War on Poverty was begun by LBJ 50 years ago, and in the first decade of the implementation of that War on Poverty very significant gains were made, but that war was over as soon as Republican conservatives regained national leadership, and it was especially over once Ronald Reagan became President, and priorities were changed from the War on Poverty. We need a renewed national focus on, and commitment to, battling poverty today, so that the lower classes will have a real chance at upward mobility. Renewing government programs to help eliminate poverty will improve our public schools more than any other factor.”


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