What’s Behind the Polarization of America?

Addendum posted 10/25/16:  I believe this nation is evolving and will continue to evolve, as Jefferson and Lincoln saw occurring. I believe that we are at that apex at which one side or the other will prevail in our nation today and tomorrow in that ongoing evolution. We will either be a nation, and ultimately a world community, that sees we must co-exist equally with one another, or we will remain in the subhuman dimension of seeing that only the perceived “intelligent” and “bold” will rule all others.

I do not believe that the dreams of our Founding Fathers will die with this election. I believe that they will prevail through the evolution of the first woman president whose worldview is consistent with the former, or with egalitarianism and community practiced throughout the world, into the future. Therefore, the most evolved people in our nation today are in numbers greater than those who have not evolved spiritually to the point of seeing that. That is why Hillary Clinton will win this election, and those not so evolved, as are the Trump supporters, in my humble opinion, must join with us all in going forward for humanity’s sake with that egalitarian vision for our common future.


This nation is evolving, simultaneously, in two very different directions and that is why there appears to be greater tribal politics than usual. However, the phenomenon that is occurring is much deeper than simple politics. It goes to the core of what America is meant to be.Was this nation primarily formed to ensure individual liberty or was it formed to ensure that all are equal?

One “side” has to lead the way in shaping America’s future. Although the other “side” will still impact that future, it will not prevail as the guiding influence of America’s future. In our deepest resources we know that this is true. This is why the nation is now so divided. One side will win in its impact and influence of our nation’s future for all citizens. Are we our brother’s keeper in America or are we totally on our own? On the one hand, we have the Cliven Bundys who will go to all lengths to stand alone for individual liberty against governmental intrusion of any kind on their individual rights. We, also, have the billionaire Koch Brothers on that side who believe, as Libertarians, that government should simply get out of their way so that they can wield whatever power they choose to wield, as individuals. On the other hand, we remember the values and beliefs of Martin Luther King, Jr., who believed that we are our brothers’ keepers and that we each have a hand in making our nation into a more perfect union by our commitment to that spiritual understanding. I believe that Abraham Lincoln would be on the side with Martin Luther King, Jr. because, although Lincoln started his tenure as Commander-in-Chief knowing that this nation must not be divided so that it could continue to be the beacon for liberty for all throughout the world, as he deepened in the course of the Civil War, he came to know that that war was, in truth, about whether slavery would endure or be eliminated in America. So, Lincoln, in essence, joined consciousness with that of Thomas Jefferson and later Martin Luther King, Jr. in understanding that the “raison d’etre” of America’s formation was to ensure that all on this earth are acknowledged to be created equal.

I know on which side in America’s ongoing struggle between individual liberty and egalitarianism I am going to align myself. That is the side which lives out Jefferson’s words that we are all created equal. Our world is evolving, spiritually, toward Providence, in my opinion. That means that the collective American consciousness, in which we will come to realize that we are our brothers’ keepers, and in which we will come to know that all are spiritually equal human beings, whether one is a CEO of a major corporation or whether one is a lowly worker in that corporation, is the consciousness which must lead the way for America’s future. That is radical thinking, but it is what America must be about as she continues to evolve. We are at the turning point now. That is why America is so polarized today. The stakes are higher than any one individual’s life. What is at stake is the direction the world will move in the 21st century on its continuous movement toward eternity. Will we continue to think in terms of individual survival or will we begin to think in terms of the survival of humanity, as a whole, one being in communion with all others?


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One Response to What’s Behind the Polarization of America?

  1. On a fundamental philosophical level, we need recognition of the uniqueness, value, and right to life of each individual person.

    On the level of interactions among people, each person needs to approach others as a trader who seeks to exchange value for value, neither seeking nor giving sacrifices. This applies not just to economic interaction but also to personal interaction; a personal relationship is good only when it benefits each person in it.

    On the level of politics, we need government that recognizes and defends equal rights for all and each person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We need government that does this by defending everyone against physical aggression, both direct and indirect, and that does not commit aggression itself. In particular, we need government that does not tilt the playing field in any direction and that does not give unearned goodies to anyone, rich, poor, or in between, at the expense of anyone else, rich, poor, or in between.

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