All Will Be Perceived As Equal in God’s Universe, based on Love, in the Evolution of Time

My combined response to Jay Bookman’s column, published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on June 29, 2014, entitled, “Mississippi Violates Old Taboo,” and to Jim Galloway’s column, entitled, “Crossover Voting: Last Week in Mississippi and Next Month in DeKalb County (GA),” also published June 29, 2014 in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
 (Link to Jay Bookman’s column: ; Link to Jim Galloway’s column: )



All of this is simply power politics, but one day, in the not too distant future, people will neither be simply perceived nor used by their generically identified and self-identified labels. It is good, however, that African-Americans, who were killed even 50 years ago simply for being black and for trying to break up the Jim Crow social hierarchy, are now viewed as assets to political power.

Testimony to the South’s past and to its emerging future:

Perceiving Jim Crow as a social system mandated for too long a time in the South and one that desperately needed breaking was what had caused me to flee such a spiritually depraved environment of the South in 1963. (I returned to my Southern roots in 1970.) The Jim Crow South was out of line with my ideas of egalitarianism and, therefore, with all that was essentially spiritual. There has been much corruption of the soul in the South for centuries because of the people’s perceiving their fellow men and women in hierarchies of social acceptance instead of perceiving all other human beings with a love which confirms that all are inherently equal in God’s Universe and, thus, must be perceived as inherently equal.

From my blog, November 23, 2010:

“The essential premise in finding one’s true spirit is understanding that all are equal within the spiritual universe. We are all part of the One. We each have equal, individual spirits within the One.

To find our true and unique spirits, we must dismantle and transcend the superficial labels human beings often identify with – and live out in their lives – to their diminishment as conscious, loving beings.

Labels that separate.

Can you feel the pulse of life running through Bob Marley’s song, ‘One Love’?

Listen for its consistent, pulsating beat. It is a heart beat.

The beat of the rhythm of life. It is organic. It does not need labels.”

But that spiritually limited perception of some superior to others is soon to change in the South and in the world. Some can see that change happening now just as some can see the shifting currents of the winds or of the changing currents the waves in the sea, when others cannot see.

“ ‘Time keeps flowing like a river to the sea.’ We cannot stop the flow of time just as we cannot stop the evolution of humankind to new realities which must emerge from the collective consciousness of all human beings.

The North Carolinian writer, Thomas Wolfe, was sensitive to that collective consciousness in 1937 when he wrote these words entitled, ‘Toward Which,’ as part of his farewell to Germany:

‘—Whereon the pillars of this earth are founded,
Toward which the conscience of the world is tending —
A wind is rising, and the rivers flow.’ ”


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