The Reason I Considered No Longer Posting on the Blogs at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

On October 5, 2014, I posted the following words on one of the blogs of the AJC in order to announce that I will no longer be posting my thoughts on all of the blogs at the AJC.  I do not wish for people to speculate as to why I am no longer posting my thoughts there.  I decided to state the truth for myself in order to avoid speculation.  Link to the remarks below can be found here:


“I came to blogging so that I could discuss ideas, not so that I could ‘debate’ negative, toxic people. I feel as if I want to take a shower to get clean, once again, after having had a dialogue with people on blogs such as they are.  As much as I enjoy the discussion of creative thought and ideas, I do not enjoy dialogue with toxic people.  Blogging is just not worth it to me since I have to deal with that caliber of person on public blogs.

I do hope many will remember what I have tried to communicate on various blogs over the years, especially regarding my thoughts that the world’s people are evolving into a more democratic, just consciousness.  It will simply take more time, but we, as a world community, will get to that level of understanding, one day.

I will continue to write my evolving thoughts on my personal blog.’

UPDATE, November 16, 2015:  I am still posting on public blogs from the columnists at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  I believe that being a teacher is in my genes and that being a teacher is a condition that I will have for life.  😉  Simply knowing is not enough to satisfy me.  A teacher, a born teacher, must also communicate her knowledge and consciousness to others.

However, I have learned not to indulge others in petty discussions of a personal nature.

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