Why Football is Destructive to Americans

In response to the thread entitled, “Three high school football players died in the last week.  Should we reconsider football?” written by Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist, Maureen Downey, I offered the following comments.  See Ms. Downey’s excellent article at the below link:



Mary Elizabeth: “Football is not good for America.  It fosters a muscular, ‘winning is all’ sensibility – lacking of compassion and intellect.  It creates a brutal American male who has little regard for the dignity of women nor any awareness of how to relate to an adult woman, as an adult male. Football creates men who have no idea of how to create a more humane society, and world.  Football creates adolescent men, well into their sixties or seventies.  It is sad for America, this obsession with football and its ‘manly’ projection of violence.

Mary Elizabeth: “It is not just the physical damage to the body of even one player to which I object.  It is the brutalization of the sensibilities of the society-at-large to which I object, also.

I had lived in NYC during the 1960s while I was attending and working at New York University.  The anti-intellectualism in the South is sad.  Football has become a way of life here, instead of valuing deeper thought and reflection.  As we have seen with the number of major league football players who beat up their wives and partners, violence can become a way of life.  The violence inherent in football is not good for the society emotionally and intellectually, as well as for the obvious physical damage it does, even decades later, to the players and to those they may abuse.

The South needs to become more humane, imho.  It has a long history of frustrated violence interwoven into its culture.  Football is a release of that violence.  We must find more productive ways to elevate the consciousness of the South, imo.”

Other poster:

“And there is absolutely no anti-intellectualism in the North?  You obviously, once again, see the South as a stereotype, and all stereotypes are based on hate and ignorance.”

Mary Elizabeth: “Of course, some value anti-intellectualism in the North and some in the South value deeper learning.  However, having lived in both cultures, I have found that the norm in the North swings much more toward the valuing of intellectual pursuits than does the norm in the South.  And, this variance shows up in how many in the South have voted, for far too many years, against their own best interests by buying into propaganda instead of seeing through it. ”

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One Response to Why Football is Destructive to Americans

  1. Do you have any thoughts on where these unfortunate trends in Southern culture come from?

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