Why Georgia Remains a Republican State, According to Mary Elizabeth

“. . . . Democrats won approximately 23 percent of the white vote on Tuesday night. Which is about what Roy Barnes did in 2010. Nunn and Carter needed 30 percent of the white vote to be viable.”
(See link here to the full Atlanta Journal-Constitution article: http://politics.blog.ajc.com/2014/11/05/starved-of-white-voters-tuesday-night-was-2010-redux-for-democrats/ )

There can be no doubt that Georgia is a regressive, racist state. That was true of Georgia 50 years ago, when I left this state because I felt its moral insensitivity and moral depravity and I did not wish to live in that kind of environment, and it remains so today. Shameful. Not a point of which to be rejoicing.

Conservative Republicans are good winners, but they were poor losers when President Obama won the Presidency. Their obstructionist intransigence will not be forgotten.

White Democrats probably did not vote for Nikki Haley in South Carolina because of a difference in their political ideology and hers; however I look at the overall voting trend as more indicative of movement in the South politically and racially than individual races. The overall red/blue county voting in Georgia is a disappointment to me.

I would like to add that, imo, a large part of the political ideology of white Southerners toward less government, especially less federal government “intrusion,” has a long history – handed down from generation to generation – in most Southern white families against the federal government’s power, especially since the Civil War. Racism, as I see it, is interwoven into that political history in the South. Racism is still prevalent today in the South, but it is diffused from being recognized by many Southerners because of that mixture of the “less government” political ideology with racism.

We must look deeper. Just as it takes generations to build the literacy of African-Americans who were denied literacy during slavery and Jim Crow, the racism toward blacks, as shown through lynchings and murders of blacks only 50 years ago, remains embedded in the hearts and minds of most of white Americans, often a result of perceptions inherited from family members of previous generations. The cruel venom and vitriol directed toward President Obama is exceptional and is indicative of that racism. We must not deny what is.

UPDATE, November 14, 2016: Now, I will add to those words that a large part of the venom against Hillary Clinton in this election for President of the United States was because she has never projected the image of the passive female that has been acceptable in American society. In my opinion, that venom against her has been unresolved sexism against women of strength still lingering in the American consciousness.
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