Cohesion Problem With Too Many Public Charter Schools

Readers of MaryElizabethSings may read the outstanding article, written by the former superintendent of the Gainesville, Ga., schools, Dr. Merrianne Dye, which was published November 23, 2014, on journalist Maureen Downey’s “Get Schooled” blog, of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, by referring to the link above. Below is a two-paragraph excerpt from Dr. Dye’s article, followed by my comments in reaction to it.


“Alabama has training and supports in place in 40 districts and will continue to extend the work over the next three years until all districts are able to sustain and operate in the framework. The process begins with an analysis as to how the state and district are now using program funds and practices, identifies redundancies and waste and then moves to developing a new operational system that focuses on removing and addressing any barriers.

Since the work began, Alabama has seen a 25 percent decrease in their rate of student absentees in the pilot schools.  The work in the learning supports framework has contributed to an increase in the four-year cohort graduation rate from 72 percent to 80 percent statewide.”
Mary Elizabeth: Outstanding article.  This is exactly what I was writing about years ago on this blog when I mentioned that having public charter schools not aligned with public school districts would create too much instructional, assessment, and financial fragmentation in education in Georgia.  My argument was for more, not less, cohesion in all of the school districts in Georgia for the purpose of serving all of Georgia’s students well and with cohesion.
It is not surprising to me that 57% of Georgia’s students are in poverty.  And, our Republican ALEC-dominated legislature has believed in cutting our “government” public schools’ budgets by 5 billion dollars in the last 8 years.  This must change.


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