Republican Agenda Is Wrong For America

I published the following on an Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog on December 18, 2014:

 Readers, the Republican political agenda is causing much too much stress in young families, through to those productive citizens now in old age. Even children have been adversely affected by the Republican ideological agenda of “Everyman and woman for him or herself,” even in this age of total interconnectedness.

The moguls of corporations have taken their share of pension money from their employees’ pension benefits, in large part, and they have persisted in giving all but management adequate income.  In the public sector, Republican legislators have cut public service jobs to the bone and have reduced the pension and health care benefits of this low paid segment of our society.

They want to repeal Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare.  Young men and women in their 30s and 40s are dying of cancer, strokes, and heart attacks that usually happen to much older people because of the stresses placed on them by the Republican hierarchial vision of humanity.  This is inhumane treatment of hard working American citizens.

You will, indeed, be foolish if you vote to elect more Republicans to public office throughout our state and nation.  Surely, you have noticed how Republican legislators have all voted in bloc to uphold the puppet masters’ (corporate and legislative Republican leaders) self-serving vision for our nation.  That vision is not democratic.  It is, in fact, inhumane.

Link to the AJC article:


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