The Fulfillment of America’s Original Tenets To Be Accomplished by African-Americans

I posted the following prediction about the purpose of the black American in fulfilling America’s highest original ideals, today, December 28, 2014, on Maureen Downey’s “Get Schooled” blog of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“I want to share one more insight I have had regarding the fulfillment of America’s ideals for a better nation and world, for all.  I was raised by a black maid when my mother and my father worked from the time I was a toddler until I was a few years old.  Her name was Johnnie, and she loved me dearly, so I have been told.  I started my teaching career working in an all-black elementary school (students and staff) except for me.  I worked in an all black high school where half of the staff were white and half were black.  I grew up in the Jim Crow South and had more empathy for blacks in that struggle than I did for whites, and spoke out for black people in the South.

Based on my firsthand experience with and knowledge of the black people of the South, and also based on my deep respect for Martin Luther King, Sr. and Jr., I believe that if America is ever going to reach her highest ideals, as a model for nations and people throughout the world, that it will be the American black men and women who will lead the way in accomplishing this.  If the black people do not give into bitterness and resentment, as they have never done in the long run, and if they stay with their spiritual faith and insights, they will be the means by which America will finally reach high for the stars and become, finally, that perfect union, which she was designed and destined to be, as a model of light for the world to emulate.

Ironic, is it not?  Yet, God works miracles in a most mysterious way, as I have seen in my lifetime.”

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