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Is higher intellect, or higher spiritual consciousness, of more value to our survival as a species?

A small sample of the conversation regarding the comparative value of the arts or science in education, as well as a sample of a conversation regarding whether higher intellect or higher spiritual consciousness is of more value to our survival as a species, follows.  To read … Continue reading

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Was George Washington petty?

In response to Jay Bookman’s article on George Washington on President’s Day, February 16, 2015, I wrote the following words:  (The link to Bookman’s article on Washington can be found here: MaryElizabethSings:  “What truly is sanctimonious is judging Washington to … Continue reading

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THIS ‘n’ THAT On Education

State Superintendent of School Woods:”In our pursuit of accountability, we cannot allow ourselves to dehumanize our students and teachers. The handprints on the walls of Trion City Schools serve as a constant reminder that students are individuals with individual hopes … Continue reading

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Use Test Data Appropriately in an Educational, not Business, Model for Public Schools

The following comments should be of value to those of Georgia’s Legislature, especially to the members of Georgia’s House and Senate Educational Committees, as to how to insure that all students in public schools throughout Georgia meet with success.  The comments were … Continue reading

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