Years ago, in my twenties when I lived in New York City, I started a poem entitled, “Consciousness.”  I still remember the first line:  “A child came into consciousness at nine.”  That is all of the poem I remember, now, fifty years later.  The child was I, and I was nine years old when I realized that I saw the world somewhat askew from most people.  That frightened me as a child, the knowing of that.  But, in my senior years, I have come to thank God for the gift of consciousness.

This week has been Easter week, 2015, and today was Easter Sunday.

I wrote the two following posts on a local journalist’s blog from the Atlanta Journal- Constitution which should show my “askew thinking” that has been with me all of my life.  I have wondered, at times in my life, if this consciousness were a blessing or a curse.  I know today, for certain, that it has been a blessing, and that I will spend the remainder of my life sharing, through my writings, my God-given, authentic perceptions and my unique consciousness.  My words do not need the explanation of, or the prefacing of, their context of any length.  It is the consciousness which I wish the readers of my blog to understand, not the subject matter per se.  Thanks be to God for this gift.

Columnist Jay Bookman’s blog, the AJC, April 4, 2015, Easter Eve:

Other Poster: “But if you think that this (Iranian) deal has the well being of humanity (as peace per se) as a goal, that is seriously mistaken in my view.”


Mary Elizabeth: “Do you think that every area of consciousness can be voiced?  Do you think that all of our perceptions can be encapsulated in a few facts or in words?  I do not.  There is much more going on in this evolution of agreement between the U. S. (and 4 or 5 other nations) with Iran than meets the eye on the surface.  The control of nuclear weapons would be the control of the vehicles of mass destruction for the sustaining of life on this planet, but the real culprit in that possible mass destruction would be a lack of wisdom, vision, and communication skills.

You are more cynical than I am.  I trust Obama’s vision, his wisdom, and his communication skills.  Read his Nobel Peace Prize, once again, and internalize it.  Then, you will understand what he is about and what he is after here and in other areas of the world and other areas of the Middle East.  He also understands the evolution of human consciousness over time, as did Jefferson and Lincoln. This is a man of far-reaching intellect, beyond the petty or the power per se.”


Mary Elizabeth to the same Other Poster, later on Easter Eve:

“President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech is layered with pragmatism and idealism.  I believe that that is how I see the world, also. Through this speech, you will understand where this president’s mind and priorities are.

This speech, given by him in the first months of his presidency, is almost prophetic in what would follow, as we can now look back and see what has transpired on the world’s stage since 2009.  Many said, at the time, that President Obama had been given this Peace Prize too early, that he had not yet proven himself on the world’s stage enough to have earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

I wrote in 2009 and I also believe today that he earned that Peace Prize in 2009 because of what was in his consciousness that he would later live out on the world’s stage through his presidency.  Thought, or consciousness, always precedes action or concrete facts played out on the world’s stage, and the Nobel Committee understood that.”



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