Poem: “Form and Substance”

A poem written by me when I was 28 years old, and had come back to my home in South Georgia from having spent 7 years of my life in New York City with my first husband and best friend:


Form guides and limits.

Form creates separateness.

Form is secure. This is mine.

Substance runs free and seeks.

What – Form?

Perhaps – or yet

Itself, expanded.

The river seeks not the bank –

But the ocean.

Do not negate the essence of the Soul.

Without the water, the bank hardens.

The Mind is Form, unfertilized.

Be fruitful and multiply said the Lord –

Of the Soul.

Form without Substance is barren.


Words from the poster, “Elgrunir” regarding the meaning of my poem, “Form and Substance” as he penned on Jay Bookman’s blog, July 12, 2015: (Btw, Elgrunir understood well what I had been expressing through my poem.)

“It’s about letting experience, observation, intellect, emotion, and the soul mix things together–WITHOUT discoloration due to ego and tribalism.  We’re actually “shutting up” parts of ourselves so that we can have a -conversation- with God/Spirit/Whatever.

When that happens, we are inspired–things are in spirit.

When we convert them, we are informed–things are in form.

The former guides the latter.”

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