The Heart and The Mind of Egalitarianism

The American people have been manipulated by certain Republican plutocrats to vote against their own interests, and thereby the interests of average Americans.  America has always had its Puritanical streak, and the wealthy/powerful have seized upon that limitation of imagination in many Americans to program them, through effective propaganda, to vote for “hard work, family values, independence, morality” while laughing at their ignorance of what they are really voting for – the destruction of the oldest Democratic-Republic on Earth by lessening the political power of the masses in favor of the wealthy/elite in our nation.

America’s destiny has been to be a role model for the world, regarding the practice of democracy in action. Washington knew it, Jefferson knew it, and Lincoln knew it.

We must live out our destiny. We must keep America’s tenets enduring, as they were designed to be, by sustaining a government of, by, and for the people.  We must remain a model for the world in how to practice egalitarianism through our government.  The ideological Republican plutocrats cannot win this battle.  They must be seen through.  And, they must be voted out of office.  They have had the wrong ideology for America for 35 years, since Ronald Reagan became President.

When I came back to the South from the East Village in NYC in 1970, after having spent almost seven years in NYC, I had come to understand that there are really only two classes of people on this earth – the Living and the Dead – in contradiction to the long-ingrained Southern tradition of seeing others as part of a hierarchical class system. 

Death is the great leveler of life.  Death keeps things in perspective.  Those who pretend to be superior to any other human being, for any imagined reason while they live, are playing a fool’s game in their own minds. That is the heart and the mind of egalitarianism.

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