The Confederate Flag in South Carolina

Take the Confederate Flag down especially in South Carolina (the state where the Civil War began), and place it in a museum as part of history, a terrible, unjust part of history. We must move on as a democratic nation in which we all acknowledge that all humans have been created equal by God, our savior and redeemer through the practice of love over hate.


Every individual is connected to society and we cannot avoid speaking of God, as He exists in the souls of others, in society.  God is a god of love and not a god of hate.  I believe each of us has a moral responsibility to point out that not practicing that love has its destructive affects upon society, and thereafter society will have its destructive affects upon individuals, as a result.

MLK Jr. understood this and so did Benjamin Mays.


No person is an island unto himself, even the mentally ill.  The hatred for blacks is shown every day on blogs on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a lesser form.  But this sick young man’s (Dylann Roof’s) words “You rape our women and you are taking over our country so you have to go” is not only insane but sick with the hatred found every day in our nation against our brothers and sisters of many different permutations.  We must all ask of ourselves: What and who do I hate?

The problem is greater than racism, imo.  The problem is hate.  And, I suspect much of that hate is self-hate projected outward into the world.

Deeper education, and by that I do not mean simply knowing more facts, will help.  And practicing in reality Jesus’ words.  The insane, however, cannot be helped without medical intervention, and that is a social issue we must all confront.  Our prisons are full of the mentally ill.  We must have compassion, even for them.


Overcoming racism is  easy if people in this nation and in this world were truly spiritual.  Then, all would see that we are all equal children of God.  That is a critical starting point.Dylann Roof was a high school drop-out after he had failed 9th grade.  From the age of 16 until he was 21 he was a loner who visited white racist websites.  I understand he was intellectually impaired.  I do not believe that he was well-served in his educational development.  If you want to read more details on this factor, which may also have been critical, please see Maureen Downey’s blog, “Get Schooled” for my detailed remarks, there, regarding correct instructional delivery.

If Dylann Roof had been successful in school (and he could have been), then he would not have needed to find “friends” on white racist websites.  Very ironic because most of his “friends” on Facebook were black people.  Not only were his academic needs not addressed properly in his school, but his emotional and social needs were not observed closely enough in those schools to have given him the mental health support he so obviously needed.  It was too late for him the minute he dropped out of school, having failed 9th grade, at 14 or 15 or 16.

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