Democrats in Connecticut Eliminate Name of Thomas Jefferson

 I posted the following remarks on Jay Bookman’s blog, relative to the news in the link below, which was posted on that blog in the early morning of July 24, 2015:

“For the Democrats in Connecticut to remove the name of Thomas Jefferson from their state’s organizational event under pressure from the NAACP, simply because Jefferson owned slaves, is abhorrent. The ignorance about Thomas Jefferson in the nation today is appalling. The average American indulges in generalized and stereotypical thinking because it is so much easier and less taxing on the mental processes to do so, even if this kind of generalization is lacking in truth.

Thomas Jefferson was one of the main architects of the nation we live in today and of the freedoms we all are blessed to have today.  The spiritual tenet he set in words in the Declaration of Independence will stand forever in the annals of history for all ages and for all of mankind. Whose mind and soul can encompass his brilliance and care for humanity today? Jefferson had wanted this nation to be freed of slavery as soon as possible in its ongoing evolution. Is that too complex for many to understand since he had slaves?  Why did all of his slaves rush down the hill from Monticello to carry him up that long hill themselves in delight of his having returned after five years away in Paris if they did not value him and appreciate him? Are people today too afraid to look at complexities and to look truth in the face or do they just go with the current fads and generalizations of thinking about our individual Founding Fathers.  Read.”

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