Becoming Earthlings

My thoughts regarding the future of the Earth’s population changes related to widespread immigration were posted today on Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist and blogger Jay Bookman’s blog.

Here are my thoughts, below:

“An excellent question was asked earlier as to what is the connection between the migration of north African immigrants to European nations to the migration of Mexican and Central American immigrants to America.

Here is my thinking on it: I believe that the world is in the process of getting smaller as technology and communication become global and as commerce becomes more global and as nations work together to build peace through dialogue on the planet.

As a result of these tangible changes, world consciousness is also changing to perceive of ourselves on Earth as a world community rather than simply citizens of various nations.  I will go further to predict that we are heading toward perceiving of human beings as “Earthlings” rather than as Americans or Africans or Europeans, or Iranians, or Mexicans, etc.  We know that economic success or failure is often worldwide and certainly climate change is a worldwide concern for all on the planet.  As we travel the Universe, we will begin to identify as Earthlings in comparison with the human beings who become part of the future colonies established on the Moon or on Mars. Without being fully aware of this growing world consciousness, I believe the immigrants to various parts of the world, described above, are helping this worldwide movement to have roots and validity into the future. These immigrants throughout the world are the rudimentary pioneers of the global human dynamic change.

I believe that the tenets established by America’s Founding Fathers for liberty and egalitarianism for all will prevail throughout the world even when the perceptions of various nations, including the United States of America, begin to recede into the background of our minds and the perception of a world community arises in our minds as the future unfolds.

These perceptions are not ‘Utopian,’ from my perspective.  From my perspective, what I described is simply the way the planet will unfold in terms of lack of national identity in the future.  That is why I used the word ‘organic’ to describe the process I see happening in its rudimentary stages.

That is what connects the immigration similarity between the present day immigrants coming into Europe and the immigrants coming into America, legal or not. We are moving beyond border mentality, in other words, similar to how America’s Native Indians perceived the land but beyond their perception of it, in the future, in that territorial claims will not be as pronounced.  Humanitarian outreach will be more the norm, I believe.”


Another poster:  “The Videla (sic) onion growers and the Ga. chicken processors don`t want the border sealed.  Seal the borders and the onions go unpicked. Remember Georgia`s new illegals crackdown a few years back. The illegals did not come and the onions rotted in the ground.”

MaryElizabethSings:  “I agree.”  Karma.

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