How to Solve America’s Educational Problems

The below is an excerpt from a thread on Atlanta Journal and Constitution columnist and blogger Maureen Downey’s blog, “Get Schooled.  I shared with another poster my thoughts on how to get to the root cause of America’s present educational problems and what it will take to solve these problems:   (Link:

Another poster:

“Lots of criticism of teachers but I don’t hear a lot of solutions that have been PROVEN to work in other high-performing states/countries.  For a view of what Ohio has done in terms of charter schools/funding/test results, check out this article:

SCARY (but not surprising, given the corruption and complete lack of ethics in Georgia politics) to think we are heading blithely down the same primrose path!!”


“The problems in education are caused by some basic problems in the American society, as a whole.  Those include a lack of compassion for victims in society, a narrowing one’s vision only to what is best for me and for mine, a failing to see the interconnectedness of all people in this state and in this nation (and in this world, as history moves onward).

When we as a society stop allowing ourselves to deny these truths and start addressing society’s problems, as well as our own personal demons (instead of pointing our fingers at others), which include subduing anger, hatred, racism, violence (both emotional and physical) and, then, believing that love, not power, is our solution to problems, we will have grown in consciousness enough to address the education problems in our state and nation through first addressing these overriding and root societal problems, which I have named.”

MaryElizabethSings to the other poster:

“Thank you for this excellent information.  We must all see into the privatization politics that are going on throughout our nation and work together to save and make better our traditional public schools which are not based on profit.”

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