One World – Via Middle Eastern Refugees

I posted the following remarks on Jay Bookman’s blog on September 9, 2015.  Bookman is a columnist and blogger for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Link:

“God works in mysterious ways.  The world is becoming one faster than we could have imagined.  The refugee movement of people from place to place and the illegal immigration movement from place to place are making it so.  The lines between our arbitrary nations are becoming as thin as the fragile line between life and death.

The refugees are on the move not only because of fear for their lives in autocratic dictatorships but because the taste of real freedom and real egalitarianism has touched their souls in the last 6 or 7 years and has made them realize that there is hope in this world for freedom and safety.  And, they are going to find it, come hell or high water.

The illegal immigrants from Mexico to the U. S., likewise, have reached a level of consciousness that they realize that Texas and a greater part of the SW USA were once Mexico and all of the labels are becoming outdated.  We will become one world whether we want it or not, and Jefferson’s spiritual truths will prevail in that one world.”


Okay, let Mary Elizabeth speak for herself.

The slant of the NY Times article was on who was picking up the refugees rather than so much on why they became refugees.  The article’s slant was also that the U.S. should do more to help.  I liked it because it blended with my thinking of our expanding “one world’s” growing pains.

The article as I recall mentioned a reason for the Syria refugee situation was the Civil War in which America was involved.  It also gave a bit of history on the cruelties of the Assad regime.

I believe in metaphysical cause and effect, sort of like Karma, but with historical thoughts not just personal ones.  I believe the fact of America’s slavery and Jim Crow has created bitterness between the races and the reason that blacks are behind other groups in literary skills as a whole for this period in history, but that is changing because of teachers like me whose focus and training have been on the development of literary skills in our young. (It is not the result of innate intelligence.)  Likewise, I believe that the repression of the autocrats to the people in many Middle Eastern nations has had a residual effect of anger and unfulfilment in citizens in that part of the world that is springing loose (deliberately chosen words) now not only because of long-endured pain and repression but also because of the Civil War in Syria in which America has played its part.  I also remember that President Obama had wanted to bomb Assad several years back, as a Commander in Chief, but chose instead, upon reflection, to let Congress (as the representatives of the people of the U.S.) make that call, not him, as the British Prime Minister had first done, himself.

Complexities both present and past, internal and external, and the innate desire for freedom in every person’s soul on Earth, in combination.  Timing is everything.  Only God knows when and why.

 Another Poster:


The point I keep trying to make and which is only now even being mentioned in the MSM (though the foreign press has proven less hesitant) is that of why this current flood.  It lies directly in the lap of the current US administration.

No one seems to be asking why it is that groups which heretofore had chosen to stay, if not in Syria proper, at least in the general area are all of the sudden leaving out en masse.

As you so aptly put it, “timing is everything.”

And, again, the article referenced: 1) a Magyar apologia,  2) says absolutely zero about what spurred this recent flood of refugees, and 3) says zero about just who these most recent refugees from Syria are.


@ The other Poster

Why regarding the Syrians fleeing now?  Remember the “Arab Spring” made manifest in words in Barack Obama’s speech at Cairo University in Egypt, in 2009?  The Middle Eastern nations and their people are still “springing” in various ways because their souls have finally been set free, individually, one at a time, to have the courage to make the move toward a more free and more safe existence for themselves.  In that sense, President Obama has played his part in God’s plan as I see it, as a spiritual, egalitarian catalyst to urge people throughout the world to seek freedom.

Obama received the Nobel Prize when he did because the Nobel Prize Committee was wise enough to understand that what one holds (Obama) in one’s mind eventually plays out in reality on the world’s stage and Obama has had the mind and spirit to urge the world forward in the ways that it has been destined to move.

Mary Elizabeth to the Other Poster:

We have never seen with the same eyes, you and I.  God made us different in how we see the world.  You must speak with your voice, and I must speak with mine.

Other Poster


I appreciate the comment.  It is your way of dealing with unpleasant and inhumane conditions occasioned by our President acting in the name of our people.  This is my way of dealing with the same.  There will come the day when a younger generation will ask the same question my generation asked relative to the Shoah…why was it not stopped when it could have been.


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