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“. . . in America, all men and women are equal.”

I just posted the following observations on the “Get Schooled” blog of the Atlanta Journal Constitution: ” ‘. . .Giving people something they haven’t earned just pisses them off in the long run, and doesn’t really help in the way … Continue reading

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“The Arc of Southern History”

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist shared the following perceptions he has had regarding “The Arch of Southern History,” on his blog.  Below is my post which I was inspired to write by his insightful words: “Excellent writing, … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Comprehensive Plan for Defeating Terrorism, November/2015

I posted the following comments on “Political Insider” of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on November 20, 2015: For those readers and posters who are serious about understanding the mind, force, and value of Hillary Clinton as the next President of the … Continue reading

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The Enlightened Mind of President Obama

I posted the following comments on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jay Bookman’s blog, today, November 18, 2015: “Few people, let alone few world leaders, understand the reasons behind President Obama’s decision to stay his course relative to the Syrian crisis … Continue reading

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Comparison of Instructional Delivery to Medical Delivery

Hopefully, in the future, educational/instructional delivery to individual students will become as sophisticated as medical delivery is presently to individual patients. Continue reading

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Economic Boom and Bust

Today another poster posted the following remarks about America’s present economic status on AJC columnist Jay Bookman’s blog.  That poster’s words giving facts and my words giving theory follow: ————————————————————– Another poster: “Hillary Clinton received another piece of good news … Continue reading

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Politics, Parents, and Poor School Discipline

On AJC columnist and blogger Maureen Downey’s “Get Schooled” blog, I wrote the open letter to parents in response to the remarks of another poster on November 5, 2015: ————————————————– “If a student refuses to obey a directive from the … Continue reading

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