The Adolescent Psyche of Current Americans Has Adversely Effected Public Education

I responded with the following comments, on November 3, 2015, to another poster’s comment on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution blog, “Get Schooled.”  See below:

Other poster: “Everything starts at home…”


My response: “Even if that is true, you have not solved the problem of why homes are so varied in quality in America.  One must ask harder questions regarding what the priorities of our nation have been for 45 years.  When one of  our own Congressmen in the House of Representatives from South Carolina will yell out during  President Obama’s State of the Union Address, ‘You lie!,’ and when the Republicans in the U.S. Congress have been recalcitrant at every possibility to President Obama, and when citizens call him anti-American and not born in the U.S.A., then I believe the adults of this nation, of all races, are out of control in respecting authority figures.  We are becoming an adolescent nation in terms of our national psyche and that has happened over decades in which the latest iteration of the American Dream has been ‘Every person for himself,’ and we are not our brothers’ keepers.

This is why I write that Americans need a transformation of the spirit more than they need to raise IQ levels.  The soul of America has become selfish and our young people do not respect that in adults, in their teachers, or in their parents.  We must demonstrate, not just with words, but with actions, that we care for one another, as we did in the early 1960s in America, and that we are all in this American experiment together.  Dividing will not conquer anything, in the long run. We must not point the finger at others, but work to heal old wounds.  When our young people see us do this again, respect will return to our young for adults and for themselves.”

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5 Responses to The Adolescent Psyche of Current Americans Has Adversely Effected Public Education

  1. It is a false alternative to say we must practice either adolescent lack of respect for others or being our brothers’ keepers. The rationally self-interested approach to others is that of the trader who seeks to exchange value for value, neither seeking nor giving sacrifices. This is the approach that we must practice and uphold. We must also practice and uphold the more fundamental and more general rule of being guided by reason, not by emotions.

  2. The Ayn Rand philosophy has wreaked havoc in America and in our public schools for too many decades. The current is now changing. See my latest entry entitled, “Politics, Parents, and Poor School Discipline.”

    • People who cause the kind of trouble you’re talking about are not acting according to the Ayn Rand philosophy.
      An important part of the reasons for trouble in our public schools is that, being government schools, they are in the position of trying to please everyone, they become politicized, and they have to contend with constitutional issues.

      • Do not forget that Thomas Jefferson, himself, was an advocate for public schools throughout our nation, paid for by the taxes of all citizens within states. That is a “government” school. He believed that by educating the masses of Americans, that our Democratic-Republic would have a greater possibility of being sustained through self-government of America’s citizens.

        I mentioned Ayn Rand’s philosophy only because your first comment paraphrased Rand’s thoughts, and I do believe that that philosophy has helped to create a less altruistic America, which has not served our nation well.

  3. Thomas Jefferson was not infallible and did not have the opportunity to study Ayn Rand’s philosophy.
    People who have a fundamental change to make may not do it right at first.

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