Teachers’ Unions Needed in Georgia

On November 4, 2015, I wrote the following words on the AJC blog, “Get Schooled”:

“A teachers’ union that has power is needed for Georgia’s teachers.  The first step is to elect more Democratic legislators in this state.  Republican – status quo – legislators will not be inclined to change Georgia’s ‘right to work’ laws (carry over of paternalism). Then, that law must be changed.  Teachers have the right to demand an adequate teaching environment, including quick attention given by administrators for discipline problems, as well as health insurance benefits which are satisfactory, and retirement pensions – not 401ks – when they are seniors, as I am.  Teachers have intelligence and moral courage.  They must exercise it in Georgia to demand the respect – through fighting for real Teachers’ Unions – that is not afforded to them, otherwise.”

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2 Responses to Teachers’ Unions Needed in Georgia

  1. ECC says:

    Count me in. GA educators SORELY need union representation.

  2. Keep talking this to your family and friends. Thanks for your post! Best, Mary Elizabeth

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