“The Arc of Southern History”

On Sunday, November 22, 2015, Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist shared the following perceptions he has had regarding “The Arch of Southern History,” on his blog.  Below is my post which I was inspired to write by his insightful words:

“Excellent writing, Jim.  Excellent.

You have inspired me to share a bit of my Southern history and my perceptions.  My father was a big fan of JFK, which was unusual for a Southerner in the 1960s.  The same question asked of you about being a black supporter would have been asked by practically all white Southerners of the 1960s.  I know now that it was not simply a matter of racial prejudice that prompted that question in most white Southerners at that time and place but that it was, instead, a fear of expanding one’s consciousness and of being perceived as ‘different’ from an abased norm.

Patience has never been a strong virtue in me, except for my teaching gifts. (I had exceptional patience with my students, thousands of them, which sprang from a deep love of the young.)  At 20, I did not have the patience to remain in the South with its cruel and limited consciousness toward other human beings.  I headed for NYC’s East Village where I remained, married to my first husband, until I returned to Georgia, seven years later.

I still have little patience with cruel and limited consciousness, which can exist any place and any time in history.  One has to have a deep connection to the love in our Creator to grow in consciousness and to disregard the opinions of those who have not yet moved far into that moral arc of the Universe which He, alone, controls and determines through us, in our willingness to grow toward the Godhead.”





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