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As 2015 comes to a close, I wish my readers to know that I told my sister and her two daughters a few days ago at lunch – and that I told my daughter a few months ago – “I have found my voice.”  I am 73 years old and have always been a progressive in my thoughts about this world and Universe, but my unique voice has become crystallized to me as to why God wanted me to speak out on this Earth, while I am able.  To give my readers examples of these thoughts, already posted in the past week on the “Get Schooled” blog of the “Atlanta Journal-Constitution,” see below:

Mary Elizabeth:

“There is more involved in achieving a higher education than simply learning job skills, though they are part of it.  Ask Thomas Jefferson, a man of higher consciousness who achieved that consciousness through a combination of pursuing an outstanding higher education as well as a unique personal spiritual inquiry and journey.

John Lewis’ name will live in history.  There are hundreds, even thousands, of people who have occupied call center public service jobs whose names for posterity will die when they do, except for their own family members.

‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’  Albert Einstein”


Another Poster:

“There’s a place for the spiritual – but not in public schools. Understand, I’m not criticizing the congressman for anything but his apparent inability to speak standard English, and therefore is not qualified to teach English to children.”


Mary Elizabeth:

“I disagree.  Should not ‘Les Miserables’ be taught in public schools, nor ‘A Christmas Carol,’ nor ‘The Brothers Karamazov’?  All of these great works of literature, and many more, have spiritual elements, within.  We cannot divide humanity from its inherent spirituality, into neat little categories of acceptable and not acceptable to be taught in public schools because of ‘spiritual’ elements, within. To try to do so is pure folly. If we were somehow able to manage that, we would find ourselves making humans into automatons or robots via public education.
(There is even a spiritual element within the Declaration of Independence.)”


A Third Poster: “Vouchers work well in housing.  Vouchers work well in funding at the college level. . . .Why is funding for primary and secondary schools so problematic?”


Mary Elizabeth:

Because there is a limit to how many students can be housed in a given physical building, for many reasons, some of which are safety reasons and others are instructional and discipline reasons.

Citizens who are not educators must come to understand that the quality of educational delivery ultimately does not depend upon the physical building, nor its location, but in the instructional and behavioral design in the professional educational leader’s mind before that design can be made manifest into reality. In order to make all public schools better for all students we must address incorporating an enlightened educational design into every school.

The public, further, must come to realize that some public schools have better instructional delivery than some private schools. Every child in the state of Georgia deserves an equally high quality of educational delivery. That belief (and that delivery) is the foundation of American ideals.”


Mary Elizabeth: “My former principal, a former Associate Superintendent for Instruction in a major metro school system, made what I described into a reality for a decade – until he retired.”

A 4th Poster:

“The reality ya’ll have to deal with is but today’s reality that came from yesterday’s theory.
And guess who paved the way for today’s reality to be? (Hint: Yesterday’s theorists.)
I know, it’s hard for ya’ll to deal with the reality that reality comes from theory, and that it may be doubly-hard to see beyond simply “what is” and see possibilities, and see through the eyes of a theorist “what could be.”
So, thank a theorist the next time you travel by plane, train, or even automobile.
Thank a theorist for the house you live in. Heck, thank a theorist for being alive.
So praise be to theorists, from the country’s Founding Fathers to Albert Einstein to, yes, MES.
Maybe I should renege on some of that just a bit. Hitler was also a theorist that brought to the world a most evil reality.”


Mary Elizabeth:

“That is why I believe that the soul of man is more important than the mind of man, important though the mind of man is. (P.S. Thank you, but in all humility, I am simply a seeker of truth, without the constraints of pre-programmed givens or assumptions. In other words, I am simply a teacher, who seeks to make manifest the mind/soul God gave to me, and that was of ‘teacher,’ by first being true to myself.)”

Another poster to yet another poster:

“Again, yesterday’s theory, today’s reality, and not a single situation you cite contradicts this ‘reality.’ If you don’t believe it then take any one of the situations you cite and explain how it came to be.
Want a better reality tomorrow? Then ‘seek’ a better theory today.”


A 5th Poster to Mary Elizabeth:

“Who is s/he (your former innovative principal)? Where is s/he when our kids need him/her?”


Mary Elizabeth:

“He is 87 years old now and retired. The last I spoke with him via phone, and complimented him and his wife, was when I was 65 years old. I am 73 years old now, but I still try to keep his dream – and his reality – alive through my words here and on my blog. I do this for the children of today and for tomorrow. No child is “born bad.” Society has created “badness” through rejection and a lack of love. Educators must help to make this right by having higher consciousness and educational skills and, yes, even an expansive soul to transform these lost children/adults to their God-given potential and in doing, make society, itself, better. I have lived and I will die as a believer, not as a cynic.”

A 4th Poster: “Dare to guess from where reality always come? (Hint: Theory.)”


Mary Elizabeth:

“The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein changed our knowledge of what reality is (at the present) when he redefined what Newton’s Laws of Gravity truly were (related to space, time, mass, energy, acceleration). Reality will remain reality – only our limited knowledge points the way toward a more complete understanding of that reality as human development evolves.

Einstein had written, ‘I want to know the mind of God; the rest is only details,’ and he was able to get closer to understanding the mind of God (or ultimate reality) by being true to himself. Some called him arrogant. I call him faithful.

There is a book/magazine out in the newsstands of various grocery stores presently regarding the life of Albert Einstein and scientific theories, which I recommend everyone reading this purchase. It was about $13.00 but well worth the cost for the read, and it was published by Time/Warner or an equivalent publisher. Einstein hated nationalism (Nazi Germany left its impact) and he wanted to see the world become one – in peace, harmony, and respect. Brilliant mind.”

A 6th Poster:

“We can do that when everybody joins the One True Religion or turn completely secular. Peace, harmony and respect will blossom. Secularism is the hope.”

Mary Elizabeth:

“I think of reality, or the mind of God, as Rudyard Kipling described in the last stanza of his poem, ‘L’Envoi,’ which my father asked me to read at his funeral in 2000:
‘Only the Master shall praise us, and only the Master shall blame.
And, no one shall work for money;

And, no one shall work for fame,
But each for the joy of the working,

And each in his separate star,
Shall draw The Thing as he sees It for the God of Things as They Are.’


Albert Einstein was ‘faithful’ to the mind and vision God had given him to bloom (or make manifest) while he was on this Earth, and in so doing Einstein changed our view of reality.”


An 8th Poster: “I like Kipling. You really need to read what Kipling wrote about his time in Afghanistan.”


Mary Elizabeth: “People are many things, including Kipling. I like Kipling’s vision of the Godhead and our collective roles in enhancing the manifestation of that universal God. I do not support Kipling’s vision of war. He suffered for it when his own son was killed in war.”

A 6th Poster: “What if there are many Gods? Maybe the Greeks and Romans had it right.”

Mary Elizabeth:

“I believe that if you read the last stanza of Kipling’s poem, ‘L’Envoi,’ you will understand that there can be many forms of God as perceived by individuals, while at the same time there is only One universal Creator, whose Mind/Soul we are never able to comprehend in full because of our limitations as human beings. We, therefore, must get beyond the Mind to the Soul.”

“Ultimately, love will triumph over hate. I believe that is a law which sustains the Universe. We can only make ISIS ‘go away’ through education and love.

MLK Jr. (paraphrased): Hate cannot never be overcome by hate, only love can do that, just as darkness cannot be overcome by darkness, only light can do that.”


A 9th Poster: “It’s really working out well for the Christians over there showing ISIS their love.”


Mary Elizabeth: “My thoughts were for the long-range. I believe that ultimately love will triumph over hate, as good will over evil. (And, every human being alive has both good and evil within his own soul.)        



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