The Spirit of My Great-Grandfather Came to me in a Dream

This is a true story which I will share with readers of MaryElizabethSings as my New Year’s reflection for 2016:

In 1924, my paternal grandfather started a family reunion/singing of gospel songs annual event which drew hundreds, and then thousands of people, not only of family members, as this singing in the Blue Ridge Mountains grew in fame.  It is still being held each summer, today. My great-grandfather, my paternal grandmother’s father, preached the Gospel at the 1937 singing event, at the request of his father-in-law, the organizer of the event. Like his son, who was my great-grandfather, my great-great grandfather was, also, an ordained Baptist minister and school master. My great-great-great grandfather, likewise, was a minister and teacher who was born 1802 in Caldwell County, N.C. His great-grandfather had immigrated from Germany, in 1742, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he took the allegiance to the United States, and from where, shortly thereafter, he moved with his family to the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, which reminded him of the mountains of western Germany, where he had been born and raised.

My recent e-mail words to my first cousin, an ordained minister who happened to be the first female minister to have preached (about four years ago) at this annual singing event, started in 1924 by our grandfather:

I remember the dream I shared with you, before your Singing sermon, of our great-grandfather’s coming to me in that dream and describing to me the fragile line between life and death, and his plea for me to share that dream with you BEFORE your wonderful sermon.” 

I did what I needed to do only a minute or two before my cousin got up to preach, and she looked at me in a startled way and said to me, “That is the very same theme of my sermon that I am just about to give.”  I think our great-grandfather, the deceased Baptist minister and school master, had wanted us both to know that he was with us both in his sharing that theme with me in my dream the night before my cousin gave her sermon and, also, in urging me so fervently to share my dream with her BEFORE she delivered her sermon.  The dream and the urgency of the testimony regarding it were tangible proof that our relatives live in a hereafter and are still connected to the living, even today, in consciousness.  My great-grandfather, the old Baptist minister, had made his point from beyond the grave to two of his living great-granddaughters who understand the mystery of the spiritual and even of the supernatural.  And, he expected me to share this story, which I am, further, doing here as testimony of the reality of God for my reading audience for my New Year’s inspirational story for 2016.

(Post Script:  For those readers who would enjoy reading more of my metaphysical dreams and experiences, I hope you will read my previous blog post, entitled, “Enter Metaphysics,” at the following link:   )


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2 Responses to The Spirit of My Great-Grandfather Came to me in a Dream

  1. IMO, that dream came entirely from your own subconscious, although it may have been a response to recent experiences that you may or may not remember consciously. Since you and your cousin have similar backgrounds and beliefs and were both experiencing whatever was going on at the time and were both looking forward to the same gathering, it is no surprise that you came up with the same idea.

    Even in the unbelievable event that there is an afterlife of some kind, and even if people in that afterlife can communicate with the living, this would not change the fact that the concept of “God” is too illogical to identify any real person or thing.

  2. In matters of the spirit/soul, we fundamentally disagree.

    I want you to know that I am pleased that you enjoy reading my blog, periodically. Thank you for your interest.

    Best to you, Mary Elizabeth

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