Keeping the World from another form of Masters and Slaves

Establishing humanity in this world’s evolution, not just skilled jobs:

One has to ask the question:  How much of those “attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors” that do not support educational attainment in children of poverty is the fault of the individual, or the individual’s family, or our society, itself?

Our society is constantly evolving in consciousness.  One example of this evolving consciousness is how humanity has evolved over hundreds of years from seeing black people as inferior slaves, to subservient Jim Crow survivors, to nonpersons as in the book and film, “Black Like Me,” to black power types asserting that they do exist and have power, to lack of support for today’s young black males, to single-parent families.  We have not stopped in this ongoing evolutionary process of achieving true racial justice and equality.  The black anger and hopelessness, reflected in unstable family situations, is only another phase through which we and America, itself, will evolve toward a “more perfect union.”  We must have the self-awareness and brutal honesty to see and to acknowledge the part that the society as a whole has played in creating the present evolutionary phase, based upon past phases of black liberation in America.

Understanding this requires higher consciousness backed by historical knowledge of depth. We can change readily what we diagnose correctly and have the will and the heart to affect positively, for all Americans.



In another example of the evolution of consciousness, we offer an alternative economic example as the world becomes more technological. We must ponder whether or not this world will evolve into a small percentage of ruler/leader/CEOs controlling the lives of a larger percentage of workers of mundane tasks and skilled jobs, requiring little of their full humanity and intellect?  I hope not.

One option to avoid that unfortunate scenario would be to place more priority on service than profit.  Then, service jobs to other human beings in need throughout America, and throughout the world, will begin to find value and employment in the job market as another alternative to jobs as the unstoppable technological age advances, with its need for mundane though skilled jobs.  Service jobs that serve other human beings in need enhance our humanity and our knowledge that inherently we are all equal.  We are in a state of continuing evolution.  What will humanity become 200 years from now?


Another poster:

“I am with you MES. For any interested, read about the jobless future. It is coming whether we like it or not. We will have to build a different society to accommodate it.”

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