Seeing Spiritual Evolution in the 2016 U. S. Presidential Election

My thoughts, below, were posted originally on January 19, 2016 the blogs of Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnists and bloggers, Maureen Downey and Jay Bookman:


“If one backs off from ego just a little, one can see elements of divine plan in this comic scenario, just as Obama’s election was divine plan, imo.

True, Obama and Hillary Clinton are representatives of the long-suffering unsung heroes and heroines of our nation’s history, but they are representatives of more than that.  They both, even perhaps without individually knowing it, are leading humankind into a consciousness that life and leadership are about more than surface realities.

The below was response to a poster on ‘Get Schooled,’ yesterday who had proclaimed that MLK Jr. was a greater leader than America’s Founding Fathers, regarding the divine plan:

‘They were all great men.  I believe that humankind has been in a constant evolution toward the Godhead since the beginning of time and that our Founding Fathers had played their parts in this advancement, Abraham Lincoln played his part, and Martin Luther King, Jr. played his part.  Each generation has had its great leaders who have built on the spiritual advancement of the others as humanity itself has advanced with them. Barack Obama has played his part in the ongoing realization that we are more than physical bodies and that we are more than a survival of the fittest consciousness. Thanks be to God for the reality of love and of grace.’ ”


“I have long believed that the world would fare better if those of business world would attempt to emulate some of the best practices of the educational world, rather than the reverse. Now, here is a metaphysical thought for some who are so inclined.  The business world is symbolic of the masculine psyche (contained within both men and women) and the educational world is symbolic of the feminine psyche (contained in both men and women).  The world, through spiritual evolution, is in the process of moving more toward the consciousness of the feminine psyche (nurturing) than that of the masculine psyche (dominating).”


Another Poster:

“Have you ever belonged to a cult, ME?

You’re a prime example of someone who would succumb.”


A second Poster’s Response to the above Poster’s remarks:

Are you a religious person? Many religions (including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) fit within the definition of ‘cult’ quite comfortably.




I follow no group.  I am simply being true to my God-given mind and spirit with which I was born.



A Third Poster:
“It’s amusing how many of you feel threatened by MES.”



“Not by me, personally, but threatened by my thoughts because I seek to know, or at least to come closer to knowing, the Mind of God in a unique way, a way true to the mind/spirit God gave me upon my birth.
For me not to be true to my own mind/spirit and not to speak it would be blasphemous, imho, even if my thinking is unorthodox to most. Every person’s God-given gifts are unique and they should bloom while he/she lives in order to fulfill God’s plan for one’s life.”

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One Response to Seeing Spiritual Evolution in the 2016 U. S. Presidential Election

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    Certainly nurturing is better than dominating.

    Education can reasonably be summed up as nurturing the consciousness, so it is wholly a type of nurturing.

    The function of business is economic productivity. How much nurturing is or should be involved depends on the particular type of productivity.

    Please make sure you are not conflating competing with dominating. Competing is basically wholesome and keeps economic productivity effective and efficient. Dominating is not and does not.

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