Love Never Fails – Judgment, However, Often Does.

Below is my response to AJC blogger and columnist Jay Bookman’s thoughts regarding the growing numbers of the anti-establishment GOP.  Link:


“Excellent logic; however, the anger and resentment of this group of Americans goes much deeper than 8 years back.  As the anger of being thought low-class by the better educated and  more accepted establishment has grown in numbers (even since the days of George Wallace’s attempt to run for President when people of that class supported him throughout this nation, not only Dixiecrat Southerners) that emotional rawness has overtaken all intellectual reasoning.

Yes, we reap what we sow, but that line does not apply only to the Sarah Palin constituency of American politics.  These disenfranchised have often been mocked for their redneck, low education, low IQ qualities by not only the wealthy, but by the intellectual snobbery of the well educated, as I had tried to point out to Paul a few days ago.

So, all America is to blame for this sowing what we have reaped.  Intellectual largesse (word used by Palin to describe Trump) is not what America is about.  America is about seeing even the most lowly as equal to everyone else, simply because they are human beings and equal children of God.  Until the financial and intellectual elite understand this deepest consciousness of humility, America and all Americans will continue to reap what we have all sown by our ‘not knowing what we do.’  Love never fails.  Judgment, however, often does.”


Another poster’s response regarding my above remarks:

” ‘America is about seeing even the most lowly as equal to everyone else. . .’

Mary Elizabeth’s response to the above poster’s comments:


” ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.’  We see with differing eyes.
It has always been true; only we have not always had the eyes with which to see it.”


A second poster’s remarks:

“I do remember being shocked Wallace carried a northern state right before he got shot. ”


Mary Elizabeth responds to that second poster’s comments:

“George Wallace carried many people from many northern/western states (as well as most Southern states) before he was crippled by that bullet.  When was that? The early 1970s, I believe.

This phenomena has been festering in the souls of Americans for a long, long time.  Until Americans believe in their hearts and in their guts that we are all equal children of God, including the Sarah Palins of America, we will never become that ‘more perfect union’ which is our common destiny to become.  Will we awaken sooner or later to this spiritual truth is the only question?  This is fundamentally a higher consciousness dilemma for Americans, a spiritual crisis, not an intellectual one.”


A 3rd poster’s remarks:

“Based on the track record of America from 1787 to the present day, it will be when hell freezes over. . . It’s realism. . .”


Mary Elizabeth responds to the 3rd poster’s comments:


“No, it is not.  It is pure cynical pessimism.  The facts speak otherwise since 1787:  the formation of the nation based on the belief that all men are created equal; the winning of the Civil War by the North in 1865 which freed all of America’s slaves; the rights of women to vote in the early 20th century; the doing away with the Southern Jim Crow laws in the 1950s and 1960s; the equal rights acknowledged by the U.S. Supreme Court of gay and lesbian citizens to marry in the early 21st century.

We have just begun to fulfill the dreams our Founding Fathers worked for to insure the world’s spiritual evolution.  Lincoln played his part, LBJ played his, MLK Jr. played his, Obama has played his, and perhaps Hillary Clinton will play hers.  I believe in this nation because this nation was founded upon eternal spiritual truths and no cynic can destroy those truths, made manifest in America’s history.”


 Mary Elizabeth “sings” again to the 3rd poster:
“No, we are not in the same place as in 1787. You have totally ignored the timeline of America’s history, which I gave below, which proves your contention false. You have focused on the negative and the petty, which will always be present, like a gnat on a running stallion’s tail, as the spiritual evolution of mankind’s eternal reach for the Godhead continues on its way, without ceasing.”
The 3rd poster responds, again:

“Au contraire.  They are the most spiritual generation in decades, but seeking the Godhead in their own individual ways, not through the religious ritualized traditions and dogmas of the past.

They are not into “me, me, me.”  Not the ones I know.  They see themselves as fellow travelers in the Universe, with this planet and their lifespans only a small, small part of God’s greater plan.  They will not fit your perceptions, nor mine.  They are the gift of refreshed and refreshing spiritual evolution continuing.

Goodnight.  We see with differing eyes.”



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