Sexism in America and Throughout the World

In response to the article by Maureen Downey posted in her blog column, “Get Schooled,” today, March 30, 2016, here were my words regarding how much further our nation and world need to evolve in how women are viewed:  (Link:   )

“I am glad that the male sexism in this nation and throughout the world is starting to be addressed overtly.  That is the only way to bring about change to irrational and unjust perceptions regarding gender bias, as formerly had been accomplished through overtly pointing out racism in society and in insisting upon not denying racism’s manifestations.

It is no coincidence that black men were freed to vote before white and black women, and that America has had its first black president before it will have its first woman as president.

To help break up stereotypical and mindless thought in society regarding sexism, here is my contribution:

Men would be better to value wisdom than testosterone levels.  Not doing so has created a world of win/lose by hierarchy of power rather than a sane and compassionate planet based on wisdom, which transcends body types, or sexual hormones.  (My allusion to testosterone is a symbolic one to encourage unenlightened men to recognize how absurd it is to value their hormone levels rather than the development of their minds. Not focusing on substantive goals causes some men to value shallow, sexist and even dangerous thought, such as ‘my power is greater than yours.’)”

Another poster: “I’m not enrolling in any women’s studies program, but I would be willing to read an article or two from a reputable source.  Do you have one?”

Mary Elizabeth: “I would recommend that you read the book, ‘The Feminine Mystique,’ by Betty Friedan, but if you are looking only for articles, I googled these for you:”


To my readers:

Please take the time to read this 3/29/16 op-ed by NY Times conservative columnist, David Brooks – an enlightened man as to sexism – regarding the existence of sexism in America, and especially as touted through the Trump campaign:®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=1&pgtype=collection&_r=0



Some may be interested in reading this related essay which I wrote in 2012 for my blog:




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