Economics, Gays, and Spiritual Evolution

From Jay Bookman’s column of April 13, 2016, my words: (Link:
Bookman: “Simply put, the GOP does not believe government is a legitimate tool for helping people, and that core ideology leaves their toolbox bare when challenged for solutions.”
MaryElizabethSings:  Conservative Republican elites have been fighting that losing cause since FDR’s New Deal, and  before that in the Gilded Age.  It is a losing battle because the world is evolving toward greater spiritual truth of a non-dogmatic kind, called egalitarianism, and set in profound words by Thomas Jefferson.  As I wrote in the last thread, the greater the consciousness of egalitarianism prevails (as Sanders’ and Trumps’ campaigns are showing us is happening on both sides of the political spectrum), the less power the politically elite will be able to accrue because the people’s awareness will no longer tolerate that top to bottom hierarchical functioning of humankind.Thomas Jefferson gave this nation permission to change to a form of government that brought the most happiness to the most citizens at point in time. (Jefferson: “Nothing is unchangeable except the unalienable rights of man.”) I believe today Jefferson, himself, would see the value of a more egalitarian vision of economics and politics on the horizon for all, as ushered in by governments.  However, Jefferson would also say to keep a close and skeptical view of government, itself, as the world moves forward with this 21st century egalitarian model for humankind.

The following comments were first posted on Atlanta Journal-
Constitution’s columnist and blogger, Jay Bookman’s blog, on April 13, 2016, related to the last comments from the previous thread: 

Re:  NC and the Gay Movement there

Now, maybe some may see why there is practically always the debate between what caused a given action – economics or social issues.

I am thinking of the Civil War, which continuously is debated as to whether it was fought over economics or slavery.

Now, we have the gay rights movement in NC (and elsewhere) being discussed as to whether it is being formed by economics or the changing consciousness of humanity toward gays.

“Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and give to God that which is God’s.”  (And, for the religious fundamentalists who may be reading my words, I am equating the gays with “that which is God’s.”)

Economics and moral issues practically always intertwine.  What is interesting is to unfold how and why they intertwine.  “God works in mysterious ways.”

Like Thomas Jefferson, I believe that the more expansive humanity’s egalitarian soul expands, the more spiritual humanity becomes, authentically.


First Poster’s Response to Mary Elizabeth’s thoughts, above:


Mary Elizabeth’s comments: “Economics and moral issues practically always intertwine.  What is interesting is to unfold how and why they intertwine.  ‘God works in mysterious ways.’ ”

First Poster’s Response: I don’t think God has anything to do with it.

Mary Elizabeth’s Response to First Poster.

I know you don’t.


 First Poster to MaryElizabethSings:

Speaking of economics and morals intertwining, why are Fortune 500 companies now entering into confrontation with states that have passed discriminatory LGBT legislation in recent months?


 Mary Elizabeth to First Poster:


Because they now know that humanity has spiritually evolved to the point that most people support gay rights.  Thus, the Fortune 500 companies know that their bottom line (monetary profit) lies where the consciousness of the majority lies.


First Poster to MaryElizabethSings:


Ah yes, the bottom line. In other words, if it were not in their profit interests to take a stand or be seen as taking a stand, would they take it?


Second Poster to First Poster’s Remarks:

Not as corporations. Some of the individuals would, but they don`t really count.


Third Poster to First Poster’s Remarks:

I doubt the corporations would take a stand if it wasn’t for their bottomline..


Fourth Poster to First Poster’s Remarks:

You and I both know there is more to the Fortune 500 companies taking a stand than just keeping the customer base happy and short term profit motive.  Young, talented people (i.e. their future leadership) think that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is crazy and many of them will avoid companies that they think condone it.


First Poster to Fourth Poster’s Remarks

Exactly. Their struggle with competition to attract top talent among workers is a very real practical concern for them in maintaining their profitability.


Mary Elizabeth to Fourth Poster’s Remarks:


And, we call those emerging thoughts in our young toward fairness toward gays, the spiritual evolution of humanity over time.



First Poster’s Remarks:

Ah yes, the bottom line. In other words, if it were not in their profit interests to take a stand or be seen as taking a stand, would they take it?


Mary Elizabeth to First Poster’s Comment, above:

Think with more nuance (or gradients of degrees than a simple dichotomy) than that, to get to truth.


Mary Elizabeth Sings writes, as a Postscript to her introductory remarks:


P. S. That does not mean that God is mercenary, but it does show how God uses humanity’s weakness (for monetary profit) to shape the spiritual evolution of mankind, just as He did during the Civil War, with humanity’s evolution toward seeing that blacks and whites are spiritually equal.


Second Poster to MaryElizabethSings:

If Alabama could vote tomorrow on slavery, what do you think the results would be?


Mary Elizabeth to Second Poster’s Comment:

George Wallace, former Gov. of Alabama and former racist, changed with greater spiritual understanding and so has Alabama.

(Alabama of the Nina Simone song, in her 1965 song about Mississippi, is not the same Alabama, today, nor is Mississippi the same.)


Second Poster to MaryElizabethSings:

I can`t really speak for Ala and Miss, but I spend a lot of time in South Ga. and very little has changed. R E Lee is still God down there.

Like I said, the Bubba`s open up to me because I am an old white dude. The bigots are still strong out there.



Mary Elizabeth To Second Poster’s Comments:

Spiritual evolution is not a math formula, like 2 + 2 = 4.

Spiritual evolution happens in spurts and retreats, but always forward, and its development is greater in some people than in other people, at point in time, but always spiritual growth of humanity moves forward, if we open our eyes to this phenomena.

Third Poster to MaryElizabethSings:

The gay movement isn’t being formed by economics. Economics is being used as a tool to fight for gay rights.



Mary Elizabeth to Third Poster:


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One Response to Economics, Gays, and Spiritual Evolution

  1. dbm1fromjaybookmansblog says:

    @ First Poster’s Response to MaryElizabethSings:

    Religion consists of accepting fundamental ideas arbitrarily on faith. No organization is required to commit this very bad blunder.

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